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The same course is used for the Grand Prix of Dog Agility? Finals, the Performance National Standard Finals, and the Veterans Grand Prix Finals, with the exception of the normal equipment adjustments per Performance and Veterans rules. Exhibitors seem to be pleased with the course since it has a mixture of flowing elements and challenges.

"I think it's a really nice course, really fast," says international competitor Katherine Leggett, who is running her Shetland Sheepdog, Heather, in Performance. "I think there are two places that will give people the most challenge. The dogwalk-tire-jump portion [#6-#7-#8], where they pull past the A-frame -- I think if they choose to do the front cross in there they need to watch their dog so that they don't push the dog to the A-frame. They have to pull to the jump instead. Then the closing, it's very similar to what we saw in Steeplechase. Handlers need to pay attention to their dogs so that they don't slide by jump #19," she says.

Californian Wendy Vogelgesang is running in Performance with her nine-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She says, "I think it's a great, fun, speed course. I think it's really going to show a lot of dogs what they can do with a nice, open course. It'll let the dogs do what they enjoy: run, jump, and climb at a comfortable speed. We all will be pushing the dogs to their full potential but the timing has to be accurate as far as the off course potential."

Sharon Freilich will be running her Border Collies, Rip and Thyme, in the Grand Prix and has been examining the course map. She says, "I think what it's going to come down to is you're going to have a ton of speed and I think the closing will give dogs some problems. Independent weave poles would be good. Going from #7 to #10 could pose some problems; the A-frame and the #2 jump are potential off courses but it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun."

Tunnel next to weave poles will be removed for these classes. It was used only for the Junior Spotlight.

Performance National Standard Finals

The 8" dogs are running. Rusty, a Corgi, and Barbara Miller set the fastest time of the day at 41.67.

Stuart Mah and Alley Cat ran in 38.75 setting a new top time and winning the class.

A number of dogs had off-courses.

The 12" dogs are now running. Callie, a Cocker Spaniel, and Jaime Theobald finished clean in 38.61.

Marq Cheek and Wyatt (Sheltie) ran clean in 47.05.

Jeannette Hutchison and Reno (JRT) also ran clean in 42.82.

Sherry Kluever and Frisco (JRT) had a refusal at the chute.

Pam Vermeer and Jedi (Sheltie) ran clean in 37.90.

Lisa Norris and Pandora (Boston Terrier) had a refusal at the pipe tunnel under the dogwalk.

Suzanne Birdsall and Dancer (JRT) ran clean in 36.00 to set a new fastest time.

Kathie Leggett and Heather (Sheltie) missed the down on the dogwalk.

Lori Sage and Mikaela (Sheltie) ran clean in 39.71.

Paige Pierce and Oslo and an off-course at the start of the course.

The 12" division winner is Suzanne Birdsall and Dancer.

Sherrie Wilkes and Madison (Aussie) are the only dog to run clean so far, finishing the course in 34.88.

Rob Bardenett and VeeVee (ACD) ran in 35.00.

Marla Friedler and Roxy (Golden) missed a dogwalk contact.

Kathy Wells and Dory (BC) ran clean in 36.58.

Patty Englestand and Murphy (Brittany) had a great run, finishing in 36.96.

Due to a loss of internet connection we lost the rest of what we had written on this class. The winner was Nancy Gyes and Riot (BC) in 30.32.

The top 22" dog so far is Linda Mecklenburg and Zesta (BC) in 31.02 which looks like it will be the winning team.

The National Standard Finals are finished! The runs were exciting and the handlers were really pushing their dogs, which caused many errors. The majority of runs were faulted. There were more missed contacts than anything else, particularly on the dogwalk.

The most commonly faulted area was jump #3 to the teeter. Some dogs went off course at the #15 jump and others were simply distracted enough by it to earn a refusal at the teeter.

There were also several off course and refusal faults earned at the dog walk. Some dogs went directly from jump #5 to tunnel #16. Despite concerns about the A-frame off course after the tire, very few dogs made errors there. Most dogs also moved through the closing sequence smoothly. Even Rough Collie Cody, whose handler fell in front of jump #19, was able to finish without earning a refusal fault.

Stuart Mah, who won the eight inch class with his Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Alley Cat, says, "I thought it was a fun course. You could tell if you were going to have problems right from the start because there was this subtle thing at the teeter. Dogs were blowing right over the jump. Then there was a part after the A-frame - if you just tossed the dogs and ran they were locking on the dogwalk and some of them were just running past the tunnel altogether. It was a fun course, a fast course, not as technical as last year's but fun. This year's course took a lot of speed and focus. The dogs would get running and moving and not thinking."

Nancy Gyes won the 16" class with her Border Collie, Riot, says, "It was a fun course. It was fast, with not very many technical handling spots. The only part people are doing much damage on and causing wide turns is at the teeter. It called for a lead out. If you didn't do a lead out then you got a wide turn. There are three or four ways to handle the ending. It's fun to see the different handlers' paths. They can do distance weaves into a serpentine, a front cross at #18, or a rear cross at #19."

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1st Place Winners of Performance National Standard Class

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Veterans Grand Prix Finals


Tom Kula and Chewbacc (JRT) start with a clean run but were feeling the heat a bit. Time was 51.82.

Judy May and Gunner (Pap) run clean in 50.55.

Sharon Harris and Lucy (PW Corgi) had a little bobble doing a front cross in front of #8, but ran clean in 40.92.

Nita Woulf and Peanut (PW Corgi) screamed through the course, running clean in 37.77 and winning the class. This was their retirement run.


Annette Napoli and Lucy (Sheltie) had a weave pole fault.

Cindy Ratner and Shane (Sheltie) ran clean in 46.17.

Linda Knowles and MacDuff (JRT) ran clean but had a spin before jump #20, finishing in 44.37.

Melissa Henning and Donnay (Sheltie) in another retirement run finished in 40.80 to take the win.


Sue Tovino and Blu (Aussie) missed the down on the dogwalk and had a bar down.

Teresa Rodney and Smokey (Aussie) smoked the course in 35.85.

Stacy Peardot-Goudy and Secret (BC) had a wide turn to the teeter and to the A-frame, but stayed clean and finished in 35.20.

Elicia Calhoun and Suni (Aussie) bested that time with 32.47.

Sarah Johnson and Cruiser (BC) had a nice run and finished in 34.82.

Rhonda Carter and Scout (BC) take the win with a great run, finishing in 31.43.


Jeremy Gerhard and Dodger (Aussie) had the first clean run with a time of 45.85.

Mandolina Moon and Phantom (All-American) took an off-course after #3.

Tracy Lovelis and Maverick (Aussie) had a nice smooth run to finish in 41.81.

Chris Libs and Sky (Belgian) almost missed the up on the teeter, but recovered and set a good time of 37.70.

Kathy Wells and Houston (BC) pushed hard and finished in a blazing 34.80.

Candy Gaiser and Pivot (Lurcher) fell off the teeter, but went on to finish the course strongly.

The class goes to Kathy and Houston.

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Grand Prix of Dog Agility World Championships

12": Kimberly Sisak and Phoebe (Pap) run clean in a fast time of 33.89. Anne Platt and Charley (Pap) follow with a time of 34.51. Brad Pelton and Amoco (Sheltie) had a refusal at the teeter and missed the dogwalk down contact. Shinya Tominaga and Jonathan (CW Corgi) missed the down dogwalk contact and later back jumped #19. Dana Pike and Maybie (JRT) were fast and smooth, finishing the course in 36.31. Kristina Klingler and Eva (Cav) had a great running dogwalk but were a little slow on the rest of the course, finishing in 40.64. Nancy Louise Jones and Pip (Toy Fox) had a dangerous spin at the end of the dogwalk (almost into the tunnel) but pulled it together and finished in 38.13. Mike Murphy and Bailey (JRT) were a crowd favorite. He slowed Bailey down to make sure he got the down dogwalk and dropped a bar, but flew through the rest of the course in 34.46. Eric Martin and Zoe (PW Corgi) made good time and came home in 36.04. Michael Weintraub and White Lightning (Coton de Tulear) had a nice tight turn to the teeter and was going well until he took an off-course onto the A-frame after the tire. Kimberly Sisak and Devo (Pap), the top seed coming into today's finals, smoked throug the course in 32.53 to take the win.

16": Melissa Henning and Jayci (Sheltie) had a teeter fly-off and then missed the dogwalk down contact. Jean Lavalley and Taz (Sheltie) ran clean to finish in a fast time of 32.98. Noriko Kobetto and Ruri (Sheltie) missed the teeter A-frame down contacts. Barb Davis and PJ (Sheltie) had a nice smooth run, finishing in 35.47. Randy Huff and Edith missed the A-frame down contact. Pilar Chavez and Gigo (Sheltie) ran by the last jump or would have been clean. Suzanne Birdsall and Edge (JRT) stopped on the top of the dogwalk plank to look at the crowd and then had a refusal at the tire. Joel Lavalley and Marvel (Sheltie) shot off the line and then through the rest of the course in 32.38. Dawn Kubichko and Tess (Aussie) had a nice run, smoothly getting through the course in 37.45. Cindy Glantz and Jagger (Sheltie) had a fly-off on the teeter. Joan Meyer and Neil (Sheltie) started with a nice, tight turn to the teeter and were going well until he ran under the dogwalk rather than going into the #16 tunnel. Maureen Strenfel and Jitter (Aussie) missed the down on the dogwalk. Pam Richcreek and Puff (Sheltie) had a late front cross in front of #8 and then the dog cut behind her on the way to #12 while she was doing a blind cross and missed the obstacle entirely. Barb Davis and Rock-It (Sheltie) had a fly-off on the teeter and then a refusal at jump #15. Jaime Theobald and Maddie (Cocker) ripped through the course in 34.33. Susan Garrett and Decaff (JRT) finished in 32.62 to move into 2nd place. Barb Bicksler and Sydney (Sheltie) ran clean in 35.26. Karen Holik and Sizzle (Sheltie), the top-seeded team, had a tight turn to the tire from the dogwalk but missed the A-frame contact. She finished in 30.58. Joel and Marvel win the class.

22": Kate Moureaux and Driven (BC) went off-course after #3 and had a teeter fly-off and another off-course after the A-frame. Liz Dodge and Mick (Aussie) also had an off-course after #3. Michiko Koga and Riku (BC) had a refusal at the teeter and an off-course after jump #11 (over #19). Guillermo Saenz Mantinez and Sprint (BC) popped out of the poles when the handler attempted to lead way out away from the poles to set up for the ending of the course. Susan Mitchell and Jazz (BC) had a tight turn to the teeter and went on to finish in 31.33. Shauna Gourley and Hope (BC) lost some time with a late front cross before jump #8 but went on to finish in 31.94. Debbie Berkley and Ricki (BC) sped through the course in 30.58 to take the lead. Kim Terrill and Summit (BC) had 5 faults. Sandra Rogers and Brink (BC) ran clean in 30.69. Jody Lolich-Dietz and Cyclone (BC)- - internet down. Traci McClung and Typoon (BC) finished clean in 30.60. Sharon Freilich and Rip (BC) finished clean in 31.10. Gerry Brown and Sterling (BC) took the lead with a time of 29.83. Kate Moureaux and Quick (BC) missed the A-frame down. Terry Smorch and Remy (BC) pushed hard to finish in 31.39. Shannon Miller and Vixen (BC) streaked through the course in 31.23. Lynneia Ann Holladay and Kahlua (BC) ran clean in 31.19. Mark Bowerman and Sybil (BC) had a bobble at #19, but finished in 30.66. Barbara Gray and Jake (BC) had an off-course after #3 and a refusal at the tire. Dana Kailian and Sinjin (BC) had a fly-off on the teeter but had a smoking time of 29.74. George Baker and Perk (BC) missed the weave pole entry. Ali Roukas and Catcher (BC) took off like a flash off the line, but the dogwalk turned left at the end of the dogwalk to take the tunnel. Rhonda Carter and Blast (BC) had an off-course after #11 (over #19). Lisa Dewey and Rush (BC), the top seed, got a toenail in the down dogwalk contact, but missed the A-frame down. Gerry Brown and Sterling take the win.

26": Wendy Pape and Surf (BC) knocked the first bar but finished with a nice time of 30.40. Frank Yang and The Flash (BC) had a very wide turn to the teeter and A-frame to finish in 32.08. Naruo Suzuki and Ryou (BC) went off-course going to #10 (over #2 jump). Ali Roukas and Kid (BC) had the same problem as Ali did with her other dog -- the dog had a great running contact but turned left at the end into the tunnel. Paulena Renee Hope and Cloud 9 (BC) had a nice turn to the teeter and finished in 32.32. Bill Pinder and Static (BC), a crowd favorite, ran clean in 33.26. Kathleen Holland and Sue (BC) missed the down dogwalk contact. Guillermo Saenz Martinez and Meggy (All-American) turned left at the end of the dogwalk and dove into the tunnel. Sharon Freilich and Thyme (BC) ran clean in 31.52 to take the lead. Sherrie Wilkes and Maci (Aussie) ran under the dogwalk on the way to the #16 tunnel to earn a refusal. Olga Chaiko and Luz (BC) finished in 33.01. Derede Arthur and Soja (Terv) earned a refusal at the teeter and then the tire. Stuart Mah and Qwik (BC) had a great run, but took a bar down at #14. They finished in 31.01. Linda Mecklenburg and Stellar (BC) had a nice turn to the teeter and the A-frame to take the lead with a time of 31.00. Marcus and Juice take the lead with a time of 29.70. Lisa Flowers and Dilemma (BC) ran clean in 31.74. Greg Leal and Tala (BC) missed the down on the dogwalk. Susan Cochran and Aiko (BC) missed the down on the A-frame. Cindy Diglis and Rudy (BC), the top seed, ran clean in 31.43. Marcus and Juice take the win.

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