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Grand Prix World Championship Finals Analysis

As in each of the finals events, competitors in the Grand Prix Championship finals were pushing their dogs hard to get fast runs. There are were many mistakes in the expected areas, after jump #3 in particular as well as from the tire to the #8 jump (the A-frame was so tempting). Some dogs ran by the tunnel at #16, going right past it and under the dogwalk, earning refusals. There were also several teeter fly-offs. On the best runs the dogs ran extremely tight paths, wasting no steps.

Susan Garrett placed second with her Jack Russell Terrier, Decaff in the 16" class. She says, "It's pretty much an open course. When I looked at it this morning I thought it was not a Decaff course. She's better at tight courses. But I thought, 'put that out of your mind and focus.' Decaff responded well. It was fun! Everybody had fun! It wasn't technical. Round two was technical, which I like because it involves a lot of handling."

Winner of the 16" jump height, Joel Lavalley, says "It was a super course. It really wasn't a Marvel course. It was fast and he likes twisty. I don't know how we did it! The crowd pumped him up a little. It was a beautiful course. I loved it!"

Marcus Topps flew on his run, winning the 26" class. He says, "The course was really wide open. I wasn't worried. But the bigger dogs have bigger strides, so I had to push Juice a little harder. She's a great dog!"

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