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2011 Cynosport World Games: Play it Again Grand Prix/Performance Grand Prix [UPDATED]

Check out today's course, results, and a report from Rickie Roo!

The Play it Again course is running in all five rings. Watch the event on! (For information about the live stream, click here.)

Play it Again Grand Prix results

Play it Again Performance Grand Prix results

Rickie Roo "Plays it Again"

Hi! Rickie Roo your Roving Reporter for live from the 2011 Cynosport World Games in Louisville, Kentucky. Today was the first day of the exciting Cynosport World Games and I for one was READY TO RUMBLE! I was more than ready to run the 2010 Grand Prix Finals course and show my teammates from California exactly what I could do.

The course map will show number one on the wrong side of the jump if you look at the one we got today, but if you look at the one from last year here on you will see that #1 was on the other side of the jump. So we all got to do it that way, 'cause this was play it again, not play it a different way.

There were two jumps and then you were supposed to take the tunnel. I saw lots of dogs take the A-frame instead. Then you took another jump and then you got to go over the A-frame. A jump to the not-so-obvious side of the tunnel came next and a lot and I mean a lot of dogs went in the wrong end of the tunnel. The weaves were next and led you to a teeter over a jump and then you took the dogwalk to the same tunnel you took before, but this time the other end. You took the #2 jump again going to the chute and then you had a big loop of three jumps and a tire that brought you to a jump that most handlers had to handle as a serpentine. We saw just a couple people front cross there, almost everyone else serp'ed it. Then there was just one more jump and you were done!

The entire thing was fast and fun. I want to play "Play it Again 2010 Grand Prix Finals" again!

My mom was very proud of my speed but not so proud of my contacts. My sister did great and got a ribbon. So tomorrow I have to make sure to beat her in PVP Gamblers.

So far we have met dogs from all over the U.S. and saw some friends of ours from Mexico City! Plus, Mom got me a bunch of raffle tickets to support the IFCS World Team. I'm hoping I will win the one where you get to be on the cover of Clean Run Magazine! My mommy wants to win the packages from our home State, California 'cause she said there are lots of clubs who donated entry fees. We even got some tickets for other states' packages because they had really good stuff in them. I'll be sure to let you know if I win the cover picture. I know my fans out there would like to know.

Did I tell you that three different people told my mommy how much they enjoy my articles? That made her very happy.

Gotta go to bed now. Walk throughs are early tomorrow morning.

--Rickie Roo


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