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This IFCS Fundraiser is All WET!

IFCS candidates and other competitors offer a fun way to raise money for the World Team and have fun too!

Thursday's Cynosport World Games offered lots of great agility, an interesting Splashdogs® practice, and some crazy, wet, fun as USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch, Tim Laubach, Mike Wagner, and George Mariakis volunteered to be the first victims of the "pitch burst machine," getting water balloons smashed on their heads by competitors who helped raise money for the IFCS team.

Competitors gathered around the pitch burst machine, submitting tickets to throw balls at the target from the 12' line (one ticket) or the 6' line (five tickets). Ten tickets let competitors bypass the throwing part entirely, allowing them to run up and push the target. A guaranteed soaking! In just one hour, volunteers raised $220 to help pay for IFCS team expenses for the 2012 IFCS World Championships, which will be held for the first time in the United States next spring.

If you missed out on the chance to drop balloons on your favorite USDAA staff and competitors, don't fret! Head over to Ring 3 at the Cynosport World Games Friday at approximately 4:30pm and purchase tickets ($1 for 1, $10 for 15) so that you can try your hand at hitting the target and smacking someone with a big water balloon. The following folks will be sitting in the "hot seat" on Friday:

Ken Tatsch

Tom Kula

Wim Bekendam

Tim Verrelli

Dave Bozak

Peggy Hammond

Come out and get them wet for a good cause!

Look out, Ken!


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