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2011 Cynosport World Games Performance Speed Jumping and $10,000 Steeplechase of Dog Agility Winners

Congratulations to them all! Photos by Karen Moureaux,

Performance Speed Jumping Winners

8" winners: 1st Eve & Janelle Julyan 2nd Letti & Shelley Permann 3rd Giddy-up & Christine Rediker

12" winners: 1st Race and Laura Doan, 2nd Tori and Beth Rogers, 3rd Bruce and Laura Fearn

16" winners: 1st Rosanne DeMascio and Kiba, 2nd Kim James and Disco, 3rd Anthony Montagano

22" winners: 1st Ann Koenig and Josh, 2nd Molly and Bridget McKnight, 3rd Karen Gorman and Reno

Steeplechase Winners

12" winners: 1st Daneen Fox & Masher, 2nd Susanne Birdsall & Flip, 3rd Dana Pike Chamberlain & Tangle

16" winners: 1st Jen Pinder and Taser, 2nd Melanie Miller and Smitten, 3rd Jen Pinder and Britain

22" winners: 1st Stacy Peardot-Goudy & Wally, 2nd Jeremy Gerhard & Ronin, 3rd Jessica Ajoux & Pirate

26": 1st Desiree Snellman & Pace, 2nd Daisy Peel & Solar, 3rd Stacy Peardot-Goudy & Maze


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