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Agility Resolutions!

Members of the USDAA community share their agility-related New Year's resolutions.

As we begin 2012, many of us have made New Year's resolutions, and of course, since we are agility competitors, many of our resolutions involve our dogs. Some are specific and title-oriented. Some are general training thoughts and plans, and some are even more broad. Read what your friends and fellow competitors resolve to do in 2012:

I just signed my dogs up and received their cards and I am determined to try usdaa this year. That is my New Year's resolution! Try some USDAA!

Joyce Jaskula
Nantucket, Massachusetts

For BC Seeker, finishing his MAD and his ADCH!
For BC ADCH Piper, finishing his Performance ADCH!
For BC Gem, having her ready to go in Starters by fall!
For me, to continue my journey and education as a handler and trainer wherever it may lead!

Jan Mayr
Hannastown, Pennsylvania

2012 agility resolution: to heal from my foot surgery in 2011, run my dogs with glee and happiness, and to not push my very large puppy in training and competition.

Justine Bradley 
Sacramento, California

In 2012, I am going to follow the advice of Nancy Gyes from her article in the January issue of Clean Run Magazine. In my training sessions, I am going to take the time to get it right, to pay attention to the small details, and to use lots and lots of rewards!

Marilyn Owens Bradley
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

To get our contacts more constant at trials. Also to try for the first time Steeplechase and Grand Prix.

Jason Pierce
Rochester, New York

Our New Year's resolution is to introduce our new puppy, Indy (Indiana Jones), to the wonderful world of agility. To train him and hopefully by the summer be able to take him to his first USDAA trial! We lost our first Corgi (Monty) this past fall at the age of 12 and a half. It is a new year and a new journey for Indy and our family!

Ilyse Zincone
Massapequa Park, New York

My new year's resolution is to go "bar hopping" with Scutter and Jillie! We look forward to training and trialing more in 2012! (I myself actually don't go over the bar. Scutter and Jillie do.) Happy New Year!

Lisa Putnam
St. Paul, Minnesota

My resolution is to get Tex to understand that the teeter is not a spring board, the A-frame is not some really awesome jump, and you do not get extra points for jumping over the yellow contact zones, making me curse like a sailor. Have to love a dog with a sense of humor, right? We're entered in our first USDAA trial in January. Very excited!

Kate DeGiule
Beaufort, North Carolina

My New Year's Resolution has to be to get Brix's ADCH in 2012. So close, but so far away in 2011.

Jeanette Ryman
Streamwood, Illinois

My white German Shepherd, Nanuq, and I are planning on finally starting to compete in agility in 2012.

Stefanie Lamont
Manhattan, Kansas

My resolution is to work with my dogs at least one hour each day, doing something different each day.

LaDonna Wright Snyder
Dayton, Indiana

My resolution is to get my handler to register me with USDAA!

Katie Pladsen (A dog!)
Arvada, Colorado

To somehow get it into my dogs head that there is a difference between the agility table and THE KITCHEN TABLE!

Mallory Berman
Jupiter, Florida

My agility resolution is to continue to do whatever makes me and my dogs happy and healthy, and then enjoy the outcome!

Noreen Scelzo
Newbury, Massachusetts

Want to look back on 2011 and forward to 2012? Read "Year in Review" by USDAA president Kenneth Tatsch and check out our most awesome newsletter yet. Happy New Year, everyone, and thanks to our facebook followers who shared their resolutions with us!


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