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USDAA to Collect Data for Special Study

The effects of jumping heights on competitiveness being evaluated.

USDAA began compiling information last year for evaluating the role jumping height plays in a competitive round. "The variation in types of dogs along with other factors makes this a challenging study," says USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch, "but we believe the time is right for conducting such a study with an eye for refining competitive standards."

After evaluating data collected over the past few years, USDAA will analyze specific information gathered at current events, beginning with the Course Design and Rules Clinic to be held in Garland, Texas, on January 19-22. A match will be run for purposes of testing judges as well as for conduct of the special study.

The Match will be held at Center for Canine Sports, on January 21 & 22, at 300 S. Kirby Street, Garland, Texas, with the following schedule:

DayGrounds OpenSign-UpStart Time

Jump heights of 8/10/12/14/16/18/20/22/26 will be offered. Results will be categorized based upon the actual height of the dogs running, and each dog will be afforded at least two runs, each at different heights. More details will be made available at the Match.

Those wishing to participate in the special study are asked to run once at their regulation height, and then at the alternative height as established by the following table:

Championship Analysis
Study HeightsDogs Actual Shoulder Height
12">10" and ≤12"
14">12" and ≤14"
16">14" and ≤16"
18">16" and ≤18"
22">18" and ≤21"

Dogs which compete in Performance may also participate in the study by running under the following jump heights, in addition to their normal heights:

Performance Analysis
Study HeightsDogs Actual Shoulder Height
12">12" and ≤16"
16">16" and ≤21"

Further data collection is planned after evaluation of the initial clinic results. Watch for further announcements in early February.


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