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Steeplechase Qualification Standard Modified

Board takes action for expanding the Steeplechase tournament series.

In its annual meeting, the USDAA Competition Standards Board set out new measures for the growth of the tournament for 2007, and in doing so, established a new qualification standard that will be effective retroactively to the beginning of the 2006 tournament season. "The new standard is a welcome change," says USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch, "as the standard in use until now has been largely a numbers game, rather than a true competitive standard." 

Previously, up to 30% of the number of competitors competing qualified. Under the new standards, any competitor will qualify if they score equal to or better than the "qualifying score", being calculated as 125% of the simple average of the top three placement winners in the height class, provided at least five competitors compete in the class and receive a score.  If fewer than five receive a calculable score, then the qualifying score is calculated on the average of the top three scores from within the height division (i.e., mini or large dogs).  In any case, should there be fewer than five scores, the qualifying score will be determined by the 1st place competitors score in the division. Event though qualification may be determined on a combined basis, the second round will be run by height class for award purposes (i.e., Top Ten and prizes). The standard for qualification for purposes of the 2006 tournament series shall be applied retroactively to September 2005, the start of the current tournament season, noting that Top Ten points or other awards relative to past events will not be redistributed. See examples at the end of this article.

For the 2007 tournament season, the standard will be further evaluated and refined.  Also, the Steeplechase tournament series will be expanded to include Regional Championships, and a quarterfinals, semifinals finals at the world championship event. Two qualifying scores will be required, as is done for the Grand Prix.   

Examples of new qualification standard:

All 3 competitors in the 12" height class finish with scores of 29.00, 30.00 and 32.00.  Because there are fewer than five, the calculation of the qualifying score must take into account the 16" height class scores.  The five 16" competitors finish with scores of 31.00, 31.46, 31.89, 42.53 and 55.00.  The top three scores from both classes in the mini-division are 29, 30, and 31, for a simple average of 30.00.  30.00 times 1.25 = 37.50, which is the qualifying score for both the 12" and 16" height classes.   

In this example, all three 12" and the top three 16" competitors qualify, because their scores are equal to or less than 37.50. 

Further, should there only be one competitor in the 16" height class, then the combined number of competitors with a score is less than five, so the qualifying score would be 29.00 times 1.25 or 36.25. 

Note that there is still a four competitor minimum for competing in the second round per height class.  If only three or less qualify, nonqualifying competitors may compete (up to four) provided they had a score in round 1.

The new standard is to be applied for events beginning March 4, 2006, with retroactive application to be calculated at the USDAA office.  Worksheets are being sent to groups with a copy posted to the USDAA Judges Discussion group.


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