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IFCS World Agility Championships -- Saturday's Courses and Running Orders

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Running order

Gamblers/Joker Briefing

Saturday, May 12, Judge: Darcy Bennett (Canada)

All rules in Part 2, Chapter 4 Rules of Agility Competitions apply to the Gamblers/Joker class. This briefing contains reminders as well as additional information specific to this course.

Opening Period

Handlers must begin by taking the start jump (non-scoring obstacle) in either direction. Should the Start jump be attempted at any other time during the opening period, no penalty will be incurred and no points scored.

Handlers must end by taking the finish jump (jump #5 in Joker) in order to stop the clock  regardless of whether a successful gamble is achieved.

If an obstacle is taken consecutively (one time immediately followed by another), the first attempt must be completed fully. For example, if a dog does the dogwalk successfully and then immediately reattempts the dogwalk, it must fully leave the contact zone (all four feet on the ground) before reattempting.

The dog may not perform two (2) consecutive or more obstacles of joker sequence in any direction during opening period (ie, 1-2, 2-3,3-4, 4-5). Doing so will result in 0 (zero) points being awarded for the gamble even if the gamble is successfully completed. Points will be awarded if the dog does the obstacles in succession order (ie, 1-1, 2-2 (backwards), 3-3, 4-4 (backwards), 5-5).

Each obstacle (including a gamble obstacle) may be completed successfully for points two (2) times during the opening period. If an obstacle is completed successfully more than twice, no further points will be awarded but no penalty will be incurred.

If an attempt at an obstacle is successful, the judge will call out the number of the obstacle. If an attempt is unsuccessful, the judge will call out "zero" (0) and no points will be awarded, the obstacle may be re-attempted immediately if the handler desires.

Jump bars will not be reset during a run; therefore, if a bar is knocked on the first attempt at a jump, that jump will be unavailable for scoring points. If a gamble jump is attempted during the opening period and the bar is knocked, it will not be
replaced; therefore, no gamble will be awarded. The handler should continue to accumulate points on the course until the buzzer/horn sounds to end the opening period. At that time the handler should proceed to the finish jump as quickly as possible.

If, in the judge's opinion, a dog has completed an obstacle (past the point of faulting) as the buzzer/horn sounds, then points will be awarded for the successful completion of that obstacle (for example, dog has a paw in the contact zone, or the dog is completely out of the tunnel with all four feet, or the dog has jumped past the jump bar).

Jumps: 1 point
Tunnels, Tire, Long Jump, Double: 2 points
Dog Walk, A-frame, Teeter: 3 points
Judges Obstacle of Choice (marked wing jump): 3 points
Set of 12 Weave Poles: 5 points

Mini Gamble

Additionally a bonus of 10 points will be awarded if all three obstacles (tunnel, collapsed tunnel, and jump -- black circles #1-#3) are completed successfully in order, during the opening period from behind the dashed line. If the handler crosses the line while the dog is attempting the mini gamble, individual points will be awarded for the obstacles completed. Refusals are not judged in the Mini Gamble. The handler may not cross or step on the dashed line until the dog has successfully
completed jump #3 (four feet on the ground). The dog will not be faulted if he crosses back over the line during the Mini Gamble. The Mini can be earned twice. Once an obstacle in the mini has been used twice, no more points will be awarded for the individual obstacles.

Course Times

Time for the opening period will be 40 seconds at which time a buzzer/horn will sound and the Joker shown on the course may be attempted.

Time for Joker attempt: 19 seconds for Toy dogs; 18 seconds for Mini dogs, and 17 seconds for Medium/Maxi dogs.

Successful Joker = 20 Points

Obstacles with white circles #1-#5 must be taken in order. Refusals are not judged in the Joker period. The handler may not cross or step on the dashed line until the dog has successfully completed jump #5 (four feet on the ground) stopping the clock. The dog will not be faulted if he crosses back over the line during the Joker.

Gamble Notes

Any faults on any obstacle (no refusals) during the gamble attempt will be marked and will result in no Joker points being awarded. As soon as a fault is incurred, the handler should stop the gamble attempt and go as quickly as possible to the Finish jump #5.

There will be no penalty if a dog takes any obstacles on the way to the start of the gamble.

Running order

Running order


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