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2012 Eastern Canada Regional Champions

Congratulations to the winners!

On June 15-17 competitors took part in the first ever USDAA Regional Championships to take place in Canada. Judges Tim and Kellie Verrelli presided over the 2012 Eastern Canda Regional Championships, which were live streamed on USDAA Vice President Andy Hartman and his wife, Cindy Hartman, provided commentary.

The winners of the weekend's events were crowned the Eastern Canada Regional Champions and runners up. Some are pictured below:

Grand Prix of Dog Agility®

1 Melissa Lombardi and Brooklyn

1 Jen Pinder and Britain
2 Jessica Martin and Dice (not pictured)
3 Arlene Lehmann and Hapi

1 Linda Mecklenburg and Wonder
2 Kayl McCann and Slyce
3 Linda Mecklenburg and Super

1 Susan Garrett and Feature
2 Deb Goodhart and Kraze
3 Marshall Clark and Keen

Performance Grand Prix

1 Ann Carrington and Elle

1 Kathy Wells and Austin

1 Frank Yang and The Flash
2 Donna Rohaus and Mick
3 Joy Moll and Morgan (not pictured)

1 Marshall Clark and Moxie
2 Jeremy Gerhard and Reveille

Dog Agility Steeplechase®

1 Angie Benacquisto and Duncan (not pictured)

1 Jen Pinder and Britain
2 Kayl McCann and Funkee Monkee
3 Jen Pinder and Taser (also pictured: Kirstie Dean)

1 Claudia Bates and Hijinks
2 Kayl McCann and Slyce
3 Kristen Clarkson and Ruthless

1 Stefanie Rainer and Spree
2 Marshall Clark and Keen
3 Fred Waters and Tanafon (also pictured: Susan Garrett)

Performance Speed Jumping

1 Barbara Bell and Sasha

1 Susan Crank and Salsa
2 Kathy Wells and Austin
3 Kari Morningstar and Throttle

1 Susan Crank and Speedo
2 Joy Moll and Morgan

1 Bill Pinder and Soda
2 Jeremy Gerhard and Reveille
3 Katie Oilschlager and Rella (not pictured)

Dog Agility Masters

1 L. Kucharski and Finesse, L. Mecklenburg and Wonder, J. Crank and Xtreme
2 J. Martin and Dice, A. Carrington and Jazz, F. Robertson and Fen (not pictured)
3 A. Dotson and Bekah, J. Gerhard and Ronin, S. Crank and Sonic

Performance Versatility Pairs

1 J. Gerhard and Reveille, B. Pinder and Soda
2 J. Crank and Kaboo, S. Crank and Salsa
3 K. Wells and Austin, D. Rohaus and Mick (not pictured)

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