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July 4th is Coming; Be Ready!

The USDAA office is closed on the 4th, but there's more you need to know about this holiday.

The USDAA office will be closed on July 4th and will reopen Thursday, July 5th, for regular business hours. While our American competitors are enjoying their holiday, they should be aware that July 5th is the busiest day for animal shelters in the US. Any pet, even a canine agility partner, can get frightened by all the fireworks during the holiday. Add in lots of coming and going during holiday parties and you've got a recipe for an escaped dog. A panicked pet may dig, climb, or chew his way out of his normal confines, allowing him to try to flee the upsetting noises and chaos. Please make sure your dog wears identification over this holiday (and every day!). A collar and tags plus a tattoo or microchip registered with a pet recovery registry will go a long way in helping return your dog should he escape.

Best wishes to all our US competitors for a happy and safe Fourth of July!


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