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25 Years of Dog Agility

Help us remember competitors that we have lost.

Much has happened since the first USDAA Grand Prix of Dog Agility was held in Houston in 1987.  Some of the folks around at that time are no longer with us.  To honor their contributions and memory, USDAA would like to present a memory wall for these special people, whether well-known to the entire organization or just in your neck of the woods.

Please send the name of a person associated with USDAA dog agility who has passed during the last 25 years who you would like to see on the memory wall.  Be sure to include a bit of information about them and their impact or accomplishments on you and the sport as well as a photo if you have one.

Some names that come to mind right away are Ruth Van Keuren, who pioneered the Junior Handler Program; Bill Sterling, who was a judge and well-known figure in the Midwest; Dave Seeger, who was a judge, enthusiast, and tireless worker; Moira Cumming  local to the Dallas area  whose artwork adorned many items associated with events, and Ronda Carter, who was an avid competitor who found herself in the semifinals many times.

Email the information to  Submissions will be accepted until September 1st and should be 100 words or less; photo in .jpg or .pdf format.


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