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Cynosport 2012 - Building the Show

A periodic look at progress in setting up for this year's event.

Work on producing Cynosport is virtually a year-round process.  From site selection and securing resources to staging the event and coordinating media and competitor communications, well over 1,000 hours go into producing the event each year.

Following is a pictoral presentation of the staging of this year's event.

From the Beginning

Arriving at the grounds at 7:00am, staff began marking key points on the 9 acre field so that contractors could begin building tents, rings and bleachers. Below, south view and west view of the field before work began.

Southwest View

West View

No event is without issues, as the forklift for offloading the truck arrived an hour late, it quit working an hour later and created delay for almost 2 additional hours.

Mid-day Progress

Bleachers, ring barriers, tents all in various stages of construction.

Southwest View 

Kenneling area.

West View

Main ring under construction.

End of Day

By end of the day, contractors were near completion on construction of 100 feet of 10-row bleachers for the main ring, kenneling tents and ring tents were completed, and tents for vending and administration were framed out.  All ring barriers in place for all activities and access areas, and the fencing contractor completed fencing the perimeter and limiting access to the kenneling area.

South View

Kenneling and three rings.

West View

Other activity rings in the foreground, with main ring (left) and vending (right) in the background.

View from North East Corner

Southeast View

Vending in the foreground, the main ring (artificial turf), three rings (natural grass) and kenneling tents in the background.

Southwest View

To the right of vending are two rings on artificial turf.

In addition to coordinating and constructing various elements on the field, other staff were collecting supplies shipped in or produced locally, making media contacts and greeting judges from abroad at the airport and getting them situated at the hotel.  Teams from Japan arrived over the weekend and on Monday, and teams from Spain and Russia arrived.  Many RVers also began checking in throughout the day.


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