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Cynosport 2012: Results

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Play it Again Grand Prix

Play it Again Performance Grand Prix

Grand Prix Quarterfinals Awards and Grand Prix Quarterfinals All

Performance Grand Prix Quarterfinals Awards and Performance Grand Prix Quarterfinals All

Steeplechase Quarterfinals

Performance Speed Jumping Quarterfinals


Veteran's All Around Snooker

Performance Versatility Snooker

Team Snooker

Performance Speed Jumping Semifinals Award and Performance Speed Jumping Semifinal all

Steeplechase Semifinals Awards and Steeplechase Semifinals all

Performance Grand Prix Semifinals

Team Overall

Performance Versatility Pairs Overall

Veterans Overall


Veterans Gamblers Awards and Veterans Gamblers All

Versatility Gamblers Awards and Versatility Gamblers All

Veterans Jumpers Awards and Veterans Jumpers All

Team Gamblers Awards and Team Gamblers All

Versatility Jumpers Awards and Versatility Jumpers All

Team Jumpers Awards and Team Jumpers All

Team Overall

Performance Versatility Pairs Overall

Veterans Overall

IFCS Jumping Awards and IFCS Jumping All

IFCS World Cup Report

Performance Grand Prix Awards and Performance Grand Prix All


Team Standard All

Grand Prix Semifinals All

Performance Versatility Standard All

Veterans All Around Standard All

IFCS Standard All

IFCS World Cup Report

Championship Team Report

Performance Versatility Pairs Report

Veterans Report

Performance Speed Jumping Finals Awards  and Performance Speed Jumping Finals All

Steeplechase Finals Awards and Steeplechase Finals All


Performance Versatility Relay

Team Relay

Performance Versatility Pairs Report

Championship Team Report

Grand Prix of Dog Agility Awards and Grand Prix of Dog Agility All


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