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Regional Championship Rule Update

Error in rules for regional championships being corrected.

The Grand Prix tournament rules published in September 2005 for the 2006 tournament season local qualifiers stipulated,

". . . a competitor must compete all in championship or all in performance tournaments at regional and national/world championship events." 

After receiving comments during the past week regarding this rule, it appears that the rule was inserted into the regulations last autumn in anticipation of all tournaments having a regional championship level; this did not materialize, but inadvertently, the statement was not deleted from the regulations.

As a result, the reguations are being amended effective immediately to modify the above sentence to read,

"Further, a competitor must compete all in championship or all in performance tournaments at the world championship event."

The effect of this rule is that a competitor may enter the Performance National Standard and Steeplechase or Team tournament at Regional Championship events, for which the closing date has not passed.  Further, a competitor who on the tournament season has an equal or majority number of qualifications in the Grand Prix versus the Performance National Standard may only enter Championship level classes at the 2006 World Cynosport Games.  If a competitor has a majority of Q's in the Performance National Standard versus the Grand Prix, then they may only enter the Performance level in all classes at the World Cynosport Games.


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