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Cynosport 2012: Day 4, We're Almost Done!

A review of the day by Rickie Roo.

Saturday at the Cynosport World Games there were lots of events, including the Grand Prix Semifinals, IFCS Standard, Team Standard, IFCS Relay, the Performance Speed Jumping finals, and the Steeplechase finals.

First thing in the morning, Mommy walked our only course for the day: Team Standard. Later Mommy ran my teammate Magi and my sister Gigi in the Veteran All Around.  Dogs in the Veteran All Around have to be at least nine years old and they compete on the same courses as the Dog Agility Masters and Performance Versatility Pairs teams, but they don't have teammates. Instead their scores are added together and the top three dogs of each height get to go to the Veteran Showcase, which takes place Sunday before the Grand Prix of Dog Agility.

Then I went with my boyfriend Mr. Willis (owned by Mary Obidinski) to watch him run his Grand Prix Semifinal. This was his first Semifinal ever, so I reminded him to read the course map carefully. He did and he ran clear and looked fast to me. It must have been good because he made it into the Grand Prix Finals!

I also spent time with my pal Santiago who is from Team Mexico. He is seven years old. I just met him but we are going to run together Sunday in the Junior Handler Showcase. Today he had me do some weaves and some jumps and it was fun. He gave me meatballs. He doesn't speak English but I can still tell what he wants me to do most of the time. If you are watching the live stream, you can see me with Santiago and later my mommy running Magi in the Veteran showcase. Then the Grand Prix! That will be very fun.

Rickie Roo and her new friend Santiago. Photo by author.

Mr. Willis checks out the Map. Photo by author.

Mommy took me shopping and we got a jump from Max 200 that says CYNOSPORT 2012 on it. It's a panel jump. I don't have one of those so Mommy got it for us so we can remember all the fun we had. We saw some non-competitors working in the Doggie Do Right area with their dogs. They got to try agility with help from volunteers.

Then we went to the volunteer tent to see if Leslie Bickle, who was the volunteer coordinator, needed us to do anything. Boy does SHE have a hard job. I was looking for her dog Anna, but she was back at home in California.

Later in the day, I watched the IFCS Team Standard and even later, the IFCS Relay. I cheered for my very good pals Lucky and Stormie who are on Team Mexico and run with Malu Monroy.

My pal Charger (with Gayle Anderson) won an individual medal and their team won the IFCS Relay. If you've never seen the IFCS Relay, you should. Countries get to send teams and then all the teams run and one team wins. To be on a team representing USA, you had to do super good in IFCS Standard and Jumpers. The dogs with the best scores were put in teams and then those teams run against the teams from other countries.

After the IFCS Relay, we watched the Performance Speed Jumping and Steeplechase events. I had made signs for all my friends who were running and had Mommy wave them at the event. There were several runs I really, really liked. One was by Stuie and Rachel Sanders. I think Stuie is cute and she got second place.

Stuie earning got second place on the Performance Speed Jumping course! Photo by Karen Moureaux,

I also liked seeing Skippy (with Svetlana Tumanova) and Strafe (with Rosanne Demascio). They were tied for first place and had to do a run-off! Svetlana and Skippy went first and they were super fast but a bar dropped mid-course. Then Rosanne and Strafe (her baby dog) went and weren't quite as fast but they were clean -- we thought -- but Strafe dropped the very last bar when I was clapping and looking at the timer! So Svetlana and Skippy from Team Russia WON. My other favorite run was by Jammer, who is handled by Kate Moureaux. I liked his runs 'cause he is FAST and his red coat looks so pretty under the lights. Jammer is seven years old and is a SUPA STAR.

Jammer at the start line in Steeplechase. Photo by Karen Moureaux,

At the Steeplechase finals a crazy Canadian "horsie rider" (a person in a costume!) came out and rode around and there was a impromptu parade of nations with different teams running their flags back and forth in front of the crowd. It was fun!

Sunday will have Team Relay, Junior Handler Showcase, Veteran Showcase, and the Grand Prix Finals!

Deborah Davidson Harpur, of Harbor City, California writes through the eyes of Rickie Roo, her a four-year-old Rat Terrier. Deborah has been involved in agility since 1998. Look for Deb and Rickie at Cynosport or find either of them on their facebook pages should you want to be interviewed for


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