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Event Report: BARK-NH's October Trial

Lo Baker shares the details of this recent trial.

A fun weekend was had by all at BARK's last trial held in Manchester, New Hampshire on October 12-14, 2012. Thank you to judge Tami McClung. Her courses were well received. She always seemed to find a place to really let the dogs open up. I heard from numerous competitors about how much they enjoyed her challenging and fun courses. Tami is giving Lynn Sigman a run for her money in the nesting courses department. Our chief course builder Paula Recco and the rest of the volunteer course builders were getting the courses built so fast, Tami barely got a break to eat her lunch! 

Thanks so much to Val Duff, trial secretary extraordinaire. The score table was covered by Seth and Chris Dunn and Kathy Clement. Thank you all for getting out the score so fast and doing such a great job. Thanks to Chris Frado as the ring manager. She had a little more difficult time filling some spots and offered up some of her own personal dark chocolates as an incentive! Thanks to Sue Paterson, Gail D'Avolio, and Val Duff for helping with the clean-up and loading and unloading the truck. It is always the few that stay behind to help with the grunt work. Can't do it without all of you. Thank you! Thank you!

Judge Tami McClung tested the competitors with her challenging courses.  

A special photo was taken for friend and competitor Sandi Bixler from Manchester, New Hampshire who has been in the hospital in Bangor, Maine for weeks. She suffered severe injuries after a bicycle accident while vacationing in Acadia National Park. She loved receiving the photo! 

Thank you to all the volunteers at BARK this weekend. You help to make a fun, relaxing trial environment. I love hosting in one ring. Even though somehow I seem to miss seeing some of my students runs! 

Congratulations to the following teams that achieved titles this past weekend at BARK:

Raef and Noreen Scelzo.....Agility Dog Champion Platinum at 6 years YOUNG!
Jazz and Dave May.....  Agility Dog Champion Bronze
Zer and Grace LaRouque.....Agility Dog Champion Bronze
Tee and Judy Davis.....Agility Dog Champion
Wik and Kathy Clement..... Relay Champion
Electra and Paula Miloglav Recco.....Performance Relay Master
Jade and Paula Miloglav Recco.....Performance Standard Champion
Pyro and Ann Leffler.....Performance Dog
Rik and Claudia McGuire..... Master Jumpers Gold
Kaleigh and Lynn Thibodeau.....Performance Standard Master and Performance Relay Champion
Chime and Paula Miloglav Recco..... Starters Performance Snooker
Maddie and Elizabeth Shell.....Advanced Performance Jumpers
Sophie and Lenore Giacalone.....Advanced Jumpers
Pearl and Dana Chenier.....Master Agility Dog
Zeeva and Sue Ferguson.....Advanced Pairs
Play and Val Duff.....Starters Jumpers
Striker and Seth Dunn.....Advanced Agility Dog

Dave May and JazzDana Chenier and Pearl with judge Tami McClung
Noreen Scelzo and Raef with Tami McClungTami McClung with Judy Davis and Tee
All photos courtesy of Val Duff.

Check out more courses from this trial next week.
See you in a few weeks for our Team trial. Entries close soon!


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