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Event Report: BARK-NH November Trial

Lo Baker shares her thoughts on her recent trial.

The energy in the arena was very high last weekend in Manchester, New Hampshire, with judge Tom Kula dishing out some fun but difficult courses. It started with Team Jumpers. The cheers were coming if you just got through the course, nevermind clean. What fun!

It was great to see some of the competitors get in the spirit of Team and dress up. It was so nice to see a big contingency from Canada come across the border to play USDAA. They brought an extra level of excitement with some amazing runs. 

Mike Regan with Reese and Chris Frado with Bingo with a team name of "Thunder N' Lightning" with raincoats and umbrella. Photo by Judy Regan.The Flaming Redheads team also dressed up for the occasion. Photo by Jennifer Johnson.

It was especially fun to take the time to announce awards and have the winners get up on the "podium" (the measuring table) to receive their medals and ribbons. A special congratulations goes to Monique Plinck and her awesome Papillion Tiki for having their first tri-fecta by winning Grand Prix, Steeplechase, and Team!

 Congrats to all the teams that qualified and had fun in the process.

Wik MAD, owned by Kathy Clement, and Biggie ADCH-Silver, owned by Kelly Wilson. Photo by Kara Kingsbury.

Yummy cakes were eaten to celebrate Delaney Ranter and Kelso for being the 26" Grand Prix National Champions and John Marcus's birthday.

Congratulatory cake for the local winner of the 2012 Grand Prix of Dog Agility at the 2012 Cynosport World Games. Photo by Cindy Ratner.

Thank you again to all the competitors who always help. You make BARK trials the best! Thanks to the usual crew who always helps with set up and break down. I can't do it without you. 

Congratulations to all the new title holders: 

Juni and Susan Savell...Masters Performance Dog
Kelso and Delaney Ratner...Agility Dog Champion Bronze and Lifetime Achievement Award Bronze
Crusier and John Marcus...Standard Agility Master
Derby and Stephen McKay...Jumpers Master
Storm and Jennifer Johnson...Performance Dog Champion Silver
Biggie and Kelly Wilson...Lifetime Achievement Award-Silver and Agility Dog Champion Silver
Elmo and John Marcus...Gamblers Champion
Tuuli and Chris Holm...Standard Agility Master
Wik and Kathy Clement...Master Agility Dog and Tournament Master
Maggie and Don Donette...Performance Relay Master
Electra and Paula Miloglav-Recco...Veterans Jumpers Dog

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