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IFCS CCOE Team Member of the Day: Greg Fontaine

Meet another member of the US 2013 IFCS Continental Championships of Europe team!

The 2013 IFCS Continental Championships of Europe, which will be held near Gerona, Spain, are coming soon. The event begins on April 4th! To help us all get ready for this exciting inaugural event, we are featuring each of our team members here on The team member of the day is Greg Fontaine!

Greg lives in Advance, North Carolina, and will be on the midi team in Spain with his four-year-old Border Collie, Ignited's Spice (more commonly known as "Spice"). Greg has been competing in agility for 15 years, but in his non-dog life, he works as an attorney and, as he says, a "not always so gentlemanly farmer!" We asked Greg a few questions about his experiences in agility and his plans for the upcoming event.

Photo of Greg and Spice courtesy of Erika Maurer.

What (if anything) are you doing to prepare for the CCOE event?

Other than all the travel planning and arrangements that are specific to taking a dog overseas to this kind of competition, we are doing what we do normally: enjoying training and getting better and better together, competing to see what is working and what needs more attention, and having as much fun as we can together.

How did you feel when you found out that you made the team?

Appreciative of the opportunity, excited to get to compete with my dog on the same team with my wife Dudley and her dogs.

What strengths do you think you and your dogs bring to the team (particularly on international courses)?

First and always foremost, knowledge of myself and my dog. Beyond that: familiarity with the requirements of international travel from participation in previous teams supporting Dudley and/or assistant coaching for the 2011 and 2012 World Agility Opens, familiarity with the IFCS event structure, having attended the 2012 IFCS World Agility Championships in England, as well as having the opportunity to help lead the organizing effort for the 2012 IFCS WAC event in Fort Worth, and familiarity with the types of challenges expected.

Are you bringing anyone with you to cheer on Team USA?

My wife Dudley and I have the somewhat rare opportunity to participate together and support each other.

Are you planning to do any sightseeing or other activities while you are in Europe for the event?

Experience whatever Barcelona and Gerona have to offer us. I'm sure we'll enjoy seeing lots of beautiful sights, as well as some good food and drink, with fun friends.


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