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IFCS CCOE Team Member of the Day: Maxine Holmes

Meet another member of the US 2013 IFCS Continental Championships of Europe team!

The 2013 IFCS Continental Championships of Europe, which will be held near Gerona, Spain, are coming soon. The event begins on April 4th! To help us all get ready for this exciting inaugural event, we are featuring each of our team members here on The team member of the day is Maxine Holmes!

Maxine and her six-year-old Papillon, Sundancer, are part of Team USA's Toy division team at the CCOE. Maxine and Sundancer live in Burlington, Vermont. Maxine has been involved in agility for 18 years and is a social worker "in real life." We asked Maxine a few questions about her experiences in agility and his plans for the upcoming event.

What (if anything) are you doing to prepare for the CCOE event?

Suni and I have been attending weekly practices in an unheated horse barn near Stowe, Vermont, with the NOMAD Agility Club. We have also attended as many agility trials as possible.

How did you feel when you found out that you made the team?

I was totally thrilled! It was a dream come true!

What strengths do you think you and your dogs bring to the team (particularly on international courses)?

We compete often in Canada, where the ability to work at a distance (ie: gamblers) is emphasized. Sundancer has a lot of stamina. He is always reved up, ready to play agility. We love it!

You have obviously competed outside of the US (you mentioned Canada). Where have you competed? 

I did compete in 2008 in the FCI European Open Championships held in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. I was a member of the Canadian Agility Team. I have dual citizenship and compete in Canada as well as the U.S. Living in Burlington, Vermont, Montreal, Canada is only 90 miles to the north. At the time, my female Papillon, Spiritdancer (who is now 11 yrs. old) had to jump 14" even though she was only 9" at the withers. It was a very rainy, muddy weekend and my poor little dog got mired in the mud several times. Results for us was not so good. A few years later, she placed first at the Agility Association of Canada Nationals in Calgary, Alberta. I remembered that travelling with her in Germany and France (especially Paris) was a wonderful experience as she could go everywhere; she even had her own seat on the train. I hope travelling with Sundancer in Spain will be just as much fun. I am glad the competition is ready to move indoors in case of bad weather! I have lived in the US for 40 years and am very proud to be representing the US this time around!

Are you bringing anyone with you to cheer on Team USA? If so, who are you bringing?

A good friend, Dawn O'Brien, is coming to Spain with us. This is her first glimpse of agility and is looking forward to being part of our cheering section.

Are you planning to do any sightseeing or other activities while you are in Europe for the event?

We are planning to tour as much of the Costa Brava and environs of Gerona as we can, then spending time in Barcelona before flying home.

Photo courtesy of Don Denette.


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