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The Continental Championships of Europe, the South Central Regional, and the Continental Championships of the Americas are all going to be live streamed in April! Streaming starts THURSDAY!

This weekend, will for the first time ever be live streaming two events at the same time! Starting on Thursday, the Continental Championships of Europe warm-up runs will be streamed, and the competition itself will be streamed Friday through Sunday. This live stream costs $16.95 and we plan to make it available on-demand as soon as possible for viewing at no additional charge for those who purchased the live stream. Spain is currently six hours ahead of Eastern Daylight time, so an 8am start means the stream will be available on the east coast at 2:00am, 1:00am Central, and 11:00pm Pacific. We hope to be able to do an upload right away so that you can watch the event the next day (for those who don't want to get up at 2:00am!) but we won't know if we have the ability to do that yet. It may take a few days, but we will get it up and it will be some seriously awesome agility!

Meanwhile, the South Central Regional will be live streamed for free Friday through Sunday. Check out all the exciting agility going on in Kerrville, Texas this weekend! We will begin live streaming at 8:00am each morning (Central Daylight time). Watch our facebook page for more details as the weekend unfolds!

Visit the media library on ( to purchase the CCOE stream or to add the Regional stream to your "my videos" page so you'll be ready to watch when the events begin.
On April 25-28, we will be live streaming the Continental Championship of the Americas. April 25th is a warm-up event and the Championships will run Friday through Sunday. This stream will also cost $16.95. More details will be available on soon!


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