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2013 IFCS Agility World Cup and Championship of Americas UPDATED

Running orders and other information. (Updated information in bold.)

The IFCS World Cup and Americas Championship runs April 25th and through the 28th at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in the WR Watt Arena in Fort Worth, Texas. Judges Dave Hanson, Peggy Hammond, and Pat Corl will preside over the event. In addition to being an international competition with great athletes coming from various countries to battle for a place on the podium, the event also serves as one of two team selection trials for the IFCS World Agility Championship Team USA. The WAC will be held in The Netherlands in May, 2014.

On Thursday, there was a warm-up for the main event. This USDAA agility test included: Grand Prix Qualifier, Performance Grand Prix Qualifier, Masters Challenge Jumpers, Performance Masters Challenge Jumpers, Masters Challenge Standard, Performance Masters Challenge Standard, Steeplechase, Performance Speed Jumping, Steeplechase Finals and Performance Speed Jumping Finals. Check out the event catalog here: Thursday Catalog and the results here: Thursday Results.

Friday begins the actual competition, which will include the following classes throughout the event:

Jumping - Team Triathlon
Agility-Standard - Individual
Snooker - Individual
Gamblers - Individual
Agility-Standard - Team Triathlon
Jumping - Biathlon
Jumping - Individual
Team Relay - Team Triathlon
Agility Standard - Biathlon

The event catalog for the weekend is here: Friday-Sunday Running Order. Streaming begins at about 9:00 am, Central Daylight Time. The Jumping Team Triathlon running order is:

Friday, April 26, 2013
Ring 1: Jumping - Team Triathlon
30cm: 7 competitors
   30009 Maya Pomeranian  Bronwen Burnette
   30004 Kona Shetland Sheepdog Mike Padgett
   30013 Sonic Papillon   Linda M Womer
   30006 Crackers Jack Russell Terrier  Andy Mueller
   30011 Ein Pembroke Welsh Corgi Allan Rhode
   30012 Zip Jack Russell Terrier  Anna Eifert
   30003 Frenzi Papillon   Linda M Womer

40cm: 7 competitors
   40001 Du Miniature Bull Terrier Anna Eifert
   40007 Idgie Poodle (Miniature)  Anna Eifert
   40013 MEADGHBH Shetland Sheepdog Tony Redwood
   40008 Kaboo Shetland Sheepdog Jennifer Crank
   40010 Mickle Shetland Sheepdog Maureen Waldron
   40012 Peeka Rat Terrier  Nita Woulf
   40004 Zuri Shetland Sheepdog Giuliana Lund

55cm: 9 competitors
   55018 Rivet Border Collie Judy Reilly
   55030 Ares Border Collie Stuart Mah
   55015 Ricochet Border Collie Fiona Ferrar
   55025 Josefin Border Collie Clare Wellington
   55014 Pogo Border Collie Elaine Rhode
   55010 Silver Border Collie Tracy Hirsch
   55013 Maizy Border Collie Anna Eifert
   55004 Dare Border Collie Elaine Rhode
   55027 Tufley Border Collie Cathy Ottman

65cm: 8 competitors
   65035 Nevian Border Collie Anna Eifert
   65027 Solei Border Collie Lori Michaels
   65005 Tek Border Collie Shelley Permann
   65002 Dandy Border Collie Natalie Kirkwood
   65020 Jack Border Collie Anna Eifert
   65023 Tempo Border Collie Simone Holt
   65019 Sonic Border Collie Jennifer Crank
   65024 Psi Border Collie Asley Anderson

Team USA has four Teams in the Team Triathlon event. Members were chosen based on their performance in yesterday's event. Congratulations to:

Team 1

Crackers and Andy Mueller
Ares and Stuart Mah
Silver and Tracy Hirsch

Team 2

Mickle and Maureen Waldron
Sonic and Jennifer Crank
Solei and Lori Michaels

Team 3

Peeka and Nita Woulf
Zuri and Giuliana Lund
Rivet and Judy Reilly

Team 4

Kona and Mike Padgett
Sonic and Linda Womer
Psi and Asley Anderson

The Championships of the Americas will be streamed live on for $16.95. The live stream comes with complimentary on-demand viewing for three weeks following the event. On Thursday, streaming begins at 10am CDT. We hope you will join us on and cheer them on!

More information, including courses and results, will be available on over the weekend. Also, visit


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