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2013 IFCS Championship of the Americas Results - Saturday

Results from Saturday's classes.

The second day of the IFCS Championship of the Americas has been completed. Today's classes included one Individual class (Gamblers), a Team Triathlon class (Agility Standard), and one Biathlon class (Jumping). Congratulations to those who made it to the podium! Click below to see the full results, and check out the winners on this page. 

Saturday Results


1. Crackers and Andy Mueller
2. Zip and Ivette White
3. Clever and Jennifer Crank


1. Krusher and Stacy Bols 
2. Kaboo and Jennifer Crank
3. Mickle and Maureen Waldron


1. Ares and Stuart Mah
2. Maizy and Mary Ellen Barry
3. Gem and Laurie Zurborg


1. Maze and Stacy Peardot-Goudy
2. Skillz and Jody Lolich
3. Schmutzy and Lisa Topol


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