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My dog had a permanent card, but now my account says the status is temporary. What's Up?

Issuance of temporary cards for re-measurement begins.

What's up is that your account has been flagged so that a temporary card can be issued in preparation for the new jump height cut-offs.  As soon as temp cards are printed, your dog's permanent status will be reinstated.  Current permanent cards are still valid.

As outlined in the jump height announcement, dogs with permanent cards falling into the category of having measured 1" below and/or 1/4" above the new height cut-offs AND that have competed in the previous two years will be issued a new temporary card for remeasurement purposes.  Current permanent cards are still valid.

But what if my dog's measurement doesn't fall in the above category?  Also outlined in the announcement was a provision for this scenario: at an event in which your dog is entered, you may have the dog measured to determine if re-measurement is warranted to be eligible for either 14" or 18" instead of 16" or 22".

Temporary cards automatically issued for the purpose of remeasurement due to height cut-off changes will be white rather the usual blue and detailed instructions will be provided about remeasurement.

If you do not wish to have your dog remeasured, simply dispose of the new temporary card.

If you have just completed the measurement process for the first time on a dog and are getting ready to mail in your temporary card to the office - WAIT!  If one or two measurements recorded make your dog eligible for one of the new jump heights (14" or 18"), you might want to consider getting additional measurements from a CMJ to ensure that your permanent height card will reflect the new jump height.  


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