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Rules for 2014 Tournaments

Rules for Grand Prix/Performance GP, Steeplechase/PSJ and Team/PVP to be reposted by October 8 in the Forms & Documents Library

2014 Tournament qualification season is September 6, 2013 through September 1, 2014.

The information provided below is a short summary of changes for 2014:

Masters Challenge Biathlon
For the 2014 tournament season, a dog must earn a qualifying score in BOTH MC Jumpers and MC Standard OR through a Regional Biathlon in order to qualify for entry in the Biathlon at the 2014 Cynosport World Games.

Steeplechase & Speed Jumping
For the 2014 tournament season, award classes will no longer be combined to determine a maximum qualifying score.  Each shall stand on it's own for that calculation, which has new provisions. 

Grand Prix & Performance GP
For the 2014 tournament season there are no changes.

Team & PVP
For the 2014 tournament season, there is no change at present.  Under consideration beginning in 2014 is whether awards may be on an overall basis (as previously) or whether awards be given on the basis of mini-dog teams and large dog teams, noting that this would reduce the number of team height combinations under the new jump height schemes for 2014 from 36 to 18. Comments are welcome on the USDAA Sounding Board.


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