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If you are going to the 2013 Cynosport World Games, pack a costume!

Since the 2013 Cynosport World Games fall the week before Halloween, we'd like to have a bit of fun with the holiday. Saturday night before the evening classes, we'll be having a dog and handler costume contest! Many of you might remember when this was a regular practice at the USDAA Dog Agility Masters Team finals at Fair Hill, Maryland. We would like to restore some of that fun.

There will be prizes for the best championship team, the best performance team, best dog, and best individual dog/handler costume (for those not on a team). Both handler and dog should be costumed for all but the "best dog" category.  While costume themes do not need to align to your team names, it certainly is encouraged!

Award Categories:
Best Team
Best PVP
Best Dog Individual
Best Human/Dog Duo (not on a Team)

So pack your best costume and we'll see you in Murfreesboro!


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