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Congratulations to the winners of the new LAA Diamond awards, as well as those who completed other LAAs during the year.

The Lifetime Achievement Award Diamond is a new USDAA title achieved by earning a total of 1000 qualifying runs, with a minimum of 100 qualifying scores in each of the Masters titling classes. The award was only developed this spring, and it was awarded retroactively for dogs that already completed the requirements.

The award has been earned by only six dog and handler teams so far, with three of them being completed by the same handler. Plaques for those completing the award were presented at Cynosport. Congratulations to these handlers, who are listed here with their dogs' names and the year the title was completed.
Kathy Wells / Dory 2006
Kathy Wells / Houston 2007
Jeremy Gerhard / Spyder / 2008
Kathy Wells / Austin 2010
Chris Dyer / Reilly 2012
Stuart Mah / Qwik 2013

From left to right: Chris Dyer with Reilly, Stuart Mah with Qwik, Kathy Wells with Austin, Jeremy Gerhard and USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch. Photo courtesy of GreatDanePhoto.

Also at Cynosport, a display showed the names and pictures of those who earned other levels of Lifetime Achievement Awards in the last year. You can read their names here. Congratulations to all of them for reaching such amazing achievements!


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