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What Does the Fox Say?

A flash mob broke out at a USDAA trial! By Laura Hartwick and Wendy Vogelgesang

What Does the Fox Say when a flash mob breaks out during a walk through at the SMART Morgan Hill USDAA trial? If you can do a front cross, you can do these dance steps! 

If you were walking in the Group A Team Relay walk through at the SMART November USDAA trial in Morgan Hill, you may have been a little freaked out by your fellow competitors breaking out in spontaneous, synchronized dance moves when the Ylvis song, What Does the Fox Say came on over the sound system. Or maybe you joined in with your own righteous dance moves. Or, you maybe you were on the inside as one of the flash mobbers.

Video still courtesy Silvina Bruera/Agility in Motion video.

This was a big trial, with Team, Tournaments, Master Challenge classes, and a full slate of Starters, Advanced, and Masters classes. There were over 2200 runs in two days. Trial Secretary Karey Krauter and Organizer of Many Things Dog Agility Wendy Vogelgesang had the brilliant idea to stage a wild dancing flash mob during one of the walk throughs. They enlisted Solid Gold Dancer of the Mind, Laura Hartwick, to help them out with some blistering choreography.

The first song pick, a Miami Booty Bass classic by the artist Pitbull, proved to have somewhat challenging dance moves for some first time dancers at a Saturday night potluck test drive at a USDAA trial earlier in the month. What Does the Fox Say already had a popular video with a guy in a fox suit jumping around making funny animal noises. Very dog agility! This one proved to be a hit among volunteer flash mob dance class subjects.

Dance practice. Photo courtesy of Ellen Levy Finch.

Various instructional videos were made for participants by Wendy. One of them, starring Power Paws Camp campers, featured instructor/awesome dancer Tori Self and ended with Anthony Clarke from the UK getting stuck in a tunnel while wearing a fox costume made out of fur tug toys. One starring a mystery dance instructor who turned out to be Laura wearing a faux fur hat in bad lighting, demonstrated moves such as John Travolta Pony Paws. Many local competitors studied hard and practiced furiously at home and in agility classes throughout the Bay area, perfecting their booty shakes and Kung Fu DJ hands.

When the song came on during the final walk through of a long weekend, Team Relay in Judge Lynn Sigman's ring, at least 30 course walkers started busting out their best moves at exactly the same time! It was amazing! Many confused walkers started dancing along, because, wow, dancing! Besides foxy dance moves, the mob also included spinning in the air with arms up as if enjoying the Grateful Dead, and searching for a lost fox around the course. 

Video still courtesy Silvina Bruera/Agility in Motion video.

To this writer's knowledge, nobody was eliminated in Team Relay because they got flash mobbed. The powers that be even added a few extra minutes to the walk through. Nobody got hurt when stepped on by crazy dancers. And many, many people left that walk through with a big smile on their face. 

The cool thing about flash mobs is the surprise element. They happen when you least expect them. Will there be another one at a USDAA trial somewhere, sometime? You better ask the fox.

Written out Dance Steps for easy flash mobbing.

Check out the flash mob video; thanks Silvina Bruera!

See the instructional "How to Do the Dance Moves" Video here:

Laura Hartwick is a dog agility competitor with her awesome little dogs who are collectively known as Team Small Dog. Sometimes she writes about them on her website,

Wendy Vogelgesang has been doing dog agility for 20 years and currently competes with a Border Collie named Kicks! and Papillon Zuma. She sells her handmade jewelry at many USDAA trials under the name of Creative Dog Works.


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