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IFCS Championship - Asia - Part II

Courses from Sunday's activities shown for Agility, Jumping, and Snooker.

The Organization for the Promotion of Dog Education & Socialization (OPDES) in Japan held the IFCS Asia Continental Championship and their final qualification trials for fielding a team to participate in the IFCS World Agility Championships in the Netherlands in 2014. Hisato Tanabe, agility director for OPDES, judged the event, setting out two Standard Agility courses, two Jumpers courses and one each of Gamblers and Snooker. The Individual All-Around was the focus of attention.

Following are the courses and comments on performance issues encountered on Sunday's courses, including Agility, Jumping, and Snooker. Top scores are provided for those who might want to set up and run the courses to see how they might stack up.

In Sunday's Agility class, top scores turned in were as follows:

  • 30cm - 41.74 seconds
  • 40cm - 39.89 seconds
  • 55cm - 35.12 seconds
  • 65cm - 36.50 seconds 

Grid is 5m x 5m, or approximately 6.5 yards square.

The primary performance issues on this course came from the tunnel at position #9, exiting back to #10, with some handlers driving the dog across #11, or getting the dog trapped behind #10, leading to other issues. Refusals and wrong courses also occurred around hurdle #18. In the opening sequence, some handlers focused on wrapping left off #2, causing them to have to handle the redirect to the right side of tunnel #4.This held some back on the race down the dogwalk.To make the correct end of the tunnel more obvious, handlers took the shorter path around the right side of #2, setting up the direct line to #4. A wrong course occurred on #4 when handlers worked close to their dogs and the dogs followed their cue to move toward the dogwalk as the handler attempted to get a head start before the dog committed to the tunnel.

In Jumping, the top scores were:

  • 30cm - 35.87 seconds
  • 40cm - 35.10 seconds
  • 55cm - 34.25 seconds
  • 65cm - 34.02 seconds

The Jumpers course was largely about speed and follow-through on lines (i.e., dog path) across distance with multiple back side approaches on hurdles.  No specific issues other than the 167 meters (182 yards) course distance, which created timing issues for handlers in keeping up with dogs on straightaways (more so for large dogs than small), with a number of eliminations resulting from wrong course penalties.

Snooker top scores were very balanced, as the top score in the 65cm class was 53 points, with all other classes having 54 points.

A 55-point strategy seemed to be the goal for top contenders in this final class. The tight time standards proved limiting for inclusion of a 7-point combination when seeking four reds, but four sixes seemed as if it was possible.  From top scores, one can see this was not attained, though the last two competitors seemed to be on target to succeed.  The first of the two was barely more than a stride behind at the whistle, preventing them from clinching the top score; the last competitor started with confidence and a faster rate of speed, seemingly destined to accomplish what the previous competitors could not, until a handler error pivoting the wrong way off of the third red sent the dog astray and ended the round. The spacing and time allotments seemed well-balanced for all dog sizes, and the scores bored that out. Competitors seemed to have a great deal of fun with this course.

Above: Team Japan named for the 2014 IFCS World Agility Championships


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