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Agility Resolutions!

USDAA competitors share their agility goals and resolutions with the USDAA community. Did you set your goals for 2014 yet?

Recently on, we've been focusing on helping you set up your New Year's Resolutions in a way that will let you reach your agility goals (read more about goals here and here). We also asked that members of the USDAA community share their agility resolutions and goals. Here's a look at some of your goals for 2014:

Costa Rica Agility Team, 2014 Agility Goal:  Get just enough sponsors and go with all our team to the 2014 [Cynosport World Games]!

These competitors hope to qualify to compete in the 2014 Cynosport World Games, representing Costa Rica. Courtesy of Jory Freimann.

This year we are celebrating 10 years since starting agility in Costa Rica, so we decided to host four qualifying events for Cynosport 2014:

March 8, 9, Judge Carol Voelker
May 2, 3 and 4 Judge: Tim Lauback
July 12, 13 Judge: Carol Kramer Smorch
September 13, 14, 15 Judge: Tom Kula

From Costa Rica, we wish to extend the invitation to all of you to come to our country and participate in our events and join us in our 2014 agility goal!

--Mary C. Marin 

I have a black and tan English Cocker Spaniel named Beau who turned nine on October 29, 2013. As of January 1st, Beau needs four Pairs Qs and two Gamblers Qs to complete his PDCH-Bronze. So, that's goal number 1. If [he does it], Beau will be the first English Cocker to earn this title. He already is the first ECS to earn an ADCH-Bronze.

Beau currently has 207 lifetime Qs. The lifetime leader for English Cockers, Patricia Graham's Scout has 212. [Editor's note: Congratulations to Patricia Graham and Scout!] So, goal number 2 is to be the leader for English Cockers.

Long-term goal is 250 lifetime Qs for the LAA-Silver. I really don't know if we can reach that goal.

I have not decided yet about PDCH-Silver. I will have enough Qs in Standard, Snooker, and Jumpers. But, I will need to try for 10 more Qs in Gamblers, Relay, and Tournament. I will probably move Beau to Veterans for Standard, Jumpers, and Snooker, so he can jump 8", and have a lower A-Frame. Also, I won't have to worry about taking Super Qs from my friends who need them. I guess I will make this decision when the time comes.

My major goal for 2014 is to keep Beau healthy, happy, and injury-free. He has had a few minor injuries in the last two years and I have been working on prevention and conditioning. I put much more emphasis on warm-ups and cools-downs at trials. I would like to thank my support team for helping me keep Beau in shape: his chiropractor Dr. Sue Ann Lesser, his physical therapist Melanie Behrens (who is also a USDAA judge and competitor), Debby Gross Sanders, PT instructor, and Bobbie Lyons, conditioning instructor.

--Fred Brazeil, Westchester, New York

Beau tackles the A-frame. Courtesy of Lesley Mattuchio, Photography By Lesley.

This past year was bad for agility as I was fighting cancer and my team mate Oliver went to the rainbow bridge way to early just before his eighth birthday from the same cancer that I was fighting.

New year and new plans with Stanley, who was supposed to be a Cockapoo, but came up short in the Poo department. Unlike his brother, who was a reluctant participant in agility as well in life, Stanley is full of life, of love, and he lives to play. My goal is to keep up with him on the course as he shreds each run with his exuberance.

--Harry Melamed, Tempe, Arizona

Stanley is Harry's next agility contender. Courtesy of Harry Melamed.

With one dog, Border Collie Raef (LAA platinum), I am hoping to be able to recognize any indications that at eight years [of age] and after six years of competing heavily, he may ready to move down to Performance. With my second dog, two-year-old Border Collie Vinca, I hope to recognize areas that still need improving. It's really all up to me and I need to better myself.

--Noreen Scelzo, Newbury, Massachusetts

My goals for Jam (an eight-year-old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever) are to complete our LAA Platinum. We are 47 Qs away. She has had a tough time with stomach issues and on-and-off injuries so we are hoping to knock off the 47 Qs before 2015. I am also hoping to go to Cynosport with her and enjoy competing in the 12" Performance tourneys! Finally, I am simply enjoying running her, so my goal is to enjoy every single run cause you never know when it will be your last.

My goal for Quila (a five-year-old NSDTR) is to simply have fun. She is not the most motivated dog on the planet but when we can have fun and be silly, it's a successful day!

My goal for Charlie (a four-year-old, rescued Miniature Australian Shepherd) is to get him trained! Lack of time has caused his training to lag so hopefully I can focus some time and energy on him to get him ready to compete by the fall of 2014.

--Karen Gloor, Chandler, Arizona

I wanted to share my team's agility goals for 2014. [Team J-Dawg is made up of handler Erin Queen and Jefferson, a four-year-old Cocker Spaniel.]

Goals: keep building our teamwork, have lots of fun, earn our Masters Agility Dog title.

--Erin Queen, Charleston, South Carolina

Jefferson wishes you a Happy 2014! Courtesy of Erin Queen.


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