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Event Report: BARK's New Year's Trial

A look at the first BARK trial of the year. By Lo Baker

What a way to ring in the New Year! BARK held its first trial in 2014 in Manchester, New Hampshire on January 3-5. With judge Dave Bozak at the wheel, this tournament trial proved to be another great one. Dave drove from New York to New Hampshire a day early just to make sure he arrived on time. There was a major snowstorm that covered the Northeast over a few days. Thankfully, Dave's drive was uneventful and he was ready to go for Friday afternoon. If he had flown, his flight was sure to have been cancelled. 

Arriving at the trial site was disappointing. With the large amounts of snow on the roof of the arena, the usual door for unloading was not safe to use. That created a lot more work for the set up team of Sue Paterson, Amanda Dionne, Mich Powers, and myself. We had to use the front doors to unload two vehicles and go through many more sets of doors. It made a 15 minute job of unloading into a much longer one. A special thanks to Wendy Crawshaw and others for being so gracious in helping. 

With the site ready, the competitors arrived as the storm was ending with everyone eager to play. Friday afternoon/night had all levels of Snooker and Standard plus both the Masters Challenge classes. That was a sneak peek of what kind of courses we were going to see over the rest of the weekend. 

There may not have been as many "Bozaked" moments as BARK had the last time Dave judged for us.... ("Getting Bozaked" is a humorous phrase that means being fooled by a deceptive tunnel/contact discrimination while being judged by David Bozak - you can see more about that at But, sorry Dave, I still say Advanced Snooker was harder than Masters Snooker. 

Saturday's Masters Snooker course creatively welcomed in the New Year!

Saturday morning started with Team Snooker. It was wonderful to see the teams strategize on points and the best way to handle the course. I love the atmosphere that Dog Agility Masters Team creates. 

The trial ended with Team Relay/Versatility Pairs and the announcement of the qualifying teams. I have to say, I really missed handing out pins that USDAA used to provide to the hard working teams. BARK will be sure to have something for our next team trial. It was fun to have the top three teams take a trip up on the podium with their new BARK medals around their necks. Thanks for being great sports and playing along. 

I am blessed to have the most phenomenal core workers. A huge thank you to Valori Duff, who was at the computer keeping scores in order. What a huge weight to bear, being the first trial with the new jump heights, not to mention having it be a team event as well. Val, you amaze me. Thank you, Kathy Clement and Sandi Bixler, for being right there with her. You three have the best score table around. 

Thank you to Chris Frado for organizing the workers and keeping the rings staffed. Another thank you to BARK's new chief course builder, Seth Dunn. He got the course built so fast off of Dave's amazing nesting abilities, Dave never had a moment of down time. Welcome to the team, Seth. Thank you for jumping into the ring as soon as the class finished. Even if you were the last competitor to run! 

BARK trials are known for their fun and supportive atmosphere. These trials could never happen without the amazing volunteers who seem to always step up to the plate. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I feel like I repeat myself over and over but thank you to everyone who stayed for clean-up and reloading. A special shout out to our Nova Scotia friends Erin, Sarah, and Andre, who drove so far to come play at BARK. You guys are great! We love having you and your amazing dogs. 

Congrats to the following winners:

Dog Agility Masters Team Overall

1st place: Fast Things Come in Small Packages with Claudia McGuire and Rik, Maureen Arcangel and Sable and Bruce Thibodeau and Toby
2nd place: Happy New Year with Karen Gorman and Bryce, Monique Plinck and Tiki and Noreen Scelzo and Raef
3rd place: East Coast Eh? with Andre Landry and Crash, Sarah LeBlanc and Bo and Erin Piercy and Mach
Photos courtesy of Lynn Thibodeau.

Performance Versatility Pairs Overall
1st place: Perkfect Power with Mich Powers and Pochi and Amanda Dionne and Perk, and Levi, Amanda's son.
2nd place: G-D with Rachel Henry and Gromit and Denise Corley and Doolin'
Not pictured3rd place: Like Putting on Your Favorite Jeans with Sandy Dusenbury and Fenway and Kathy Fardy and Jigsaw
Photos courtesy of Lynn Thibodeau.

12" Toby and Bruce Thibodeau
14" Zep and Cindy Ratner
16" A tie with Fly and Betty McAdams and Skylar with Janice Lemons
18" Kraft and Lora Abbott
22" Push and Amanda Dionne
26" Pace and Mary Champagne

Performance Speed Jumping
8" Neptune and Sarah Power
12" Pochi and Mich Powers
16" Spirit and Ann Derby
20" Perk and Amanda Dionne

Grand Prix of Dog Agility
12" Tiki and Monique Plinck
14" Jonsey and Delaney Ratner
22" Brite and Pamela Green
26" Pace and Mary Champagne

Performance Grand Prix
12" Kaleigh and Lynn Thibodeau
16" Spirit and Ann Derby
20" Hailey McBean and Lauren Stein

Mich Powers and her two Biathlon winners: Pochi (Performance 12") Tony (Championship 22"). Photo by Lo Baker.

New Titles:

Starters Standard Agility - Clewe and Rachel Henry
Agility Dog - Piper and Tracy Fulmer
Agility Dog - Sequel and Dawn Kubichko
Advanced Snooker - Sequel and Dawn Kubichko
Advanced Agility Dog - HiFi and Kate Bigger
Advanced Agility Dog - Jed and Sandy Cody
Master Snooker - Gino and Martha Francis
Master Agility Dog - Thrill and Anne Andrle
Performance Standard Champion - BAM! and Cindy Ratner
Snooker Master Silver - Jiff and Val Reiner
Performance Tournament Master - Hailey McBean and Lauren Stein
Tournament Master - Pearl and Dana Chenier
Tournament Master - Zesty and Sharon Wirrant
Tournament Master - Kaia and Joyce Gauthier
Tournament Master Silver - Hana and Dianne McCormick
Performance Dog Champion-Gold - Storm and Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson and Storm earned their P-ADCH GOLD at the BARK trial. Photo courtesy of Lauren Stein.

Sandy Cody's Jed shows off the ribbons he earned while finishing his AAD at the BARK trial. Photo courtesy of Sandy Cody. 

Team Curb-It! earned a qualifying score. Congratulations to Mich Powers and Tony, Amanda Dionne and Push, and Sue Paterson and Ping. Photo courtesy of Lo Baker.


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