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2014 IFCS World Agility Championships Snooker Briefing

Thursday May 8, Judge: Peter Borsje (Netherlands)

All rules in Part 2, Chapter 5 Rules of Agility Competitions apply to the Snooker class. This briefing contains reminders as well as additional information specific to this course.

Opening Period:

General rules

  • All Obstacles may be performed in either direction.
  • Refusals are not judged in the opening, but touching a color obstacle makes the choice of which obstacle is to be taken and the direction it must be taken.
  • Going under a jump bar or jumping over the wing of a jump of a color obstacle dictates direction for performance.
  • Once the dog has entered the weave poles and begun the performance, this obstacle must be completed in that direction.
  • If an obstacle attempt is unsuccessful, but completed, the judge will call out zero and no points will be awarded.
  • If an attempt at an obstacle is successful, the judge will call out the number of the obstacle.
  • Combination obstacle rules
    • Combinations (obstacles 3 till 5 and 7) consist of more than one element which may only be performed in sequence or reversed sequence. (example 4 can be performed either 4a-4b-4c or reversed sides from 4c-4b-4a)
    • After any other entry of a combination, all other elements must be performed in a free choice of direction. NO points will be awarded for the combination obstacle but the course performance shall continue. Failure to complete the combination shall end the scoring.
    • When a second or third element is refused by the dog, this element can be retaken, before the next element or other obstacle, to score the points of that combination.
  • When a bar of a colored obstacle is dropped in opening, it becomes a zero point obstacle for remainder of opening. For closing it will be it will be restored.

Closing Period:

  • All obstacles to be performed as numbered
  • Refusal are judged and faulted, resulting in end of scoring. 
  • Must perform the finish jump to get a course time.

Allowed times:

  • Maxi & Medium  49 seconds
  • Mini  53 seconds
  • Toy  55 seconds


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