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Gamblers Briefing

IFCS WAC 2014  Gamblers Course -Judge: Jackie Gardner 

Time will start when the dog crosses the start line by jumping the start jump. The time will stop when the dog crosses the finish line by jumping the finish jump. The start/finish jumps will not score any points, but are just there to mark the start and finish. 


Maxi/Midi Dogs: 
Opening Period: 33 seconds 
Gamble time: 11 seconds 

Mini/Toy Dogs: 
Opening Period: 35 seconds 
Gamble time: 13 seconds 

Scoring and the Opening Period: 

Single bar jump (obstacles labelled 1 to 10 plus 17) -1 point 
All tunnels (obstacles labelled 11, 12, 16) -2 points 
The Rising Spread (obstacle 13) -2 points 
(The Rising Spread will only score if taken from the side with the lower pole) 
Teeter-Totter (See-Saw) (obstacle 14) -3 points 
A-Frame (obstacle 15) -4 points 
Slalom (Weaving Poles) (obstacle 19) -5 points 
Dog Walk (obstacle 18) -5 points 

All obstacles can only score points twice during the opening period, and you must take another obstacle before completing an obstacle for a second time to get points the second time. If a single bar jump, or the spread are knocked down, these will not be replaced until the round is complete and therefore cannot be used again to score points. If jump 17 is knocked down during the opening period you will not be able to complete the Gamble and receive the Gamble bonus. If jumps 1, 2 or 3 are knocked down you will not be able to complete the opening sequence bonus (Joker). 

You cannot use two or more obstacles of the Gamble sequence (obstacles 16, 17 and 18) in any direction during opening period. 

Opening Period Bonus Points (Joker) 

Bonus points can be gained during the opening period by completing obstacles 1, 2, 3 from the numbered side only and starting with jump 1 or 3. (i.e., the dog must jump these jumps from the side where the number is showing.) Each Hurdle is worth 1 point in the same manner as all other Hurdles completed in the opening sequence. Further, an additional 3 bonus points will be added to your score for the correct completion of the Joker bonus (No1, No2 and No3). 
The Joker bonus obstacles can only be used twice during the opening period and can add a total of 6 bonus points to your score. If you attempt the bonus but do not complete it correctly you will only score the standard points for the individual jumps. 

The Gamble Period 

When the time for the opening period is up, a whistle or horn will sound and the Gamble period will start. You must complete the three Gamble obstacles (16, 17 and 18) within the allocated time and the dog cross the finish line to stop the clock. 

If the dog does not take the last jump and stop the clock to record a time then no Gamble bonus can be awarded. 

When the first horn/whistle sounds to mark the end of the opening period, you can no longer gain any points on the course unless it is for an obstacle the dog is already attempting when the horn/whistle sounds. 

In such case if the obstacle is not faulted and can no longer be faulted, then the points for that obstacle will be awarded. For example, if the dog is over the top of the hurdle bar, or in the last gap of the weave poles or in the down contact of the A-frame or Dog-walk when the whistle sounds, then the points will be awarded. 

It is forbidden during the opening period to stand without action near the Gamble sequence or to perform obstacles, which are not giving points with the purpose of waiting the end of the opening period. If deemed to be doing this you will be disqualified. 

The Gamble sequence is obstacles 16, 17 and 18. Successful completion of the 3 Gamble obstacles in order and without Fault or Refusal and within the allocated Gamble time will gain Gamble bonus points that will be added to your Opening Period total points. 

During the Gamble Period, if the dog is in the down contact zone of the Dog-walk as the final horn/whistle sounds, and has successfully completed the Dog-walk without fault, and no other faults have been made, and subsequently the clock is stopped to record a time, then the Judge will award the Gamble bonus points. 

If you are unsuccessful in completing the Gamble and achieving a Gamble bonus, you still keep the points achieved in the Opening Period (including any opening period Joker bonus achieved). 

When you send your dog into the first Gamble obstacle you must not be in the shaded area (Gamble Box), and you must not enter this area during the Gamble Period. If the Handler does step inside the shaded area (Gamble Box), then no Gamble bonus can be achieved. If the Handler is already inside the shaded area (Gamble Box) when the horn/whistle sounds to mark the start of the Gamble Period, then the Handler needs to step outside the shaded area (Gamble Box) before they start the Gamble sequence. If the dog does take a Gamble obstacle while the Handler is still inside the box, then no Gamble bonus can be achieved. 

There is also an optional Handlers Line that you may choose to stay behind. If the handler stays behind the line then the Gamble bonus is worth 20 points. If the handler does not stay behind the line then the Gamble bonus is worth 8 points. The Judge reserves the right to use a line Stewart for judging the Handlers line. The Judges decision will still be final. 

The Gamble Bonus points for the successful Gamble (if achieved) will be added to the points achieved in the Opening Period (including any opening period Joker/bonus points). 

Total points = Opening Period Points (including any joker/bonus points) + Gamble Bonus points (if achieved). 

In the case of tied total points, the quickest time will place higher. 


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