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Training Tuesday: Yep I Did it Again Games!

More training courses based on the same course layout as used the last two weeks! By Deborah Davidson Harpur

Over the last two weeks (Part 1 and Part 2) our Training Tuesday articles have focused on one course layout. Below are the final exercises based on that layout.


Need tips on how to break down and plan a gamblers course? Read our recent Training Tuesday article on Gamblers.


In a Pairs Relay class, one dog runs the course with one handler while a second dog and handler wait. Then a baton is passed from the first handler/dog team to the second, and the second dog runs the course with his handler. An exchange area is indicated on the course for this purpose. Although the on-course demands aren't different from other classes, it's smart to practice relay occasionally to acclimate your dog to working with another dog on the course.

This article is part of USDAA's Training Tuesday series that is appearing on USDAA's facebook page. We encourage you to discuss this course on our facebook and to upload videos of you and your dog trying out one of the segments or the whole course. If you have a facebook account, please join in the fun here: 

Deborah Davidson Harpur has been competing in agility since 1999 and is known as a handler of a wide variety of breeds of all shapes and sizes. She offers agility training classes in the Port of Los Angeles area for both recreational and competitive agility students. You can find her on facebook at or read about her dogs at


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