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Our 2014 Cynosport World Games website has gotten a makeover and now provides everything you need to know about the event!

Are you attending the 2014 Cynosport World Games? Or, if not, perhaps you would just like to keep up on the details about this year's exciting event, to be held in Morgan Hill, California, from October 15-19? Check out the all-new

The revamped website includes tons of information about the event. There are tabs for competitors, spectators, and volunteers, plus links to the event live stream (don't forget to purchase your live stream access!), contact information, and event updates. You can sign up to be alerted when new information appears on the website, which will be updated regularly. 

Competitors will love having event details all in one place! Right now, you can see a layout of the grounds, travel and hotel info, and more. Later, crating assignment details and group walk and run information will also be available on the website. 

Everyone should check out the "Spectator Information" link too, because not only are there details on the agility competitions at Cynosport, there are explanations of the other events taking place, including Course-a-Lure, Rally, Splashdogs, and more. And, to help celebrate ASPCA's Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, there are links to write-ups on 10 rescue-dog/handler teams that will be competing at the Games!

Want to volunteer at the 2014 Cynosport World Games? Volunteers can get a close-up view of some of the best agility in the world! See the volunteer tab to see how you can help. 

After you check out, take a quick video tour of Morgan Hill and the Outdoor Sports Center, home of the 2014 Cynosport World Games. 


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