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Cynosport Judge: Hisato Tanabe

Meet the 2014 Cynosport World Games "Judge of the Day!"

The 2014 Cynosport World Games are almost here! The event kicks off on Wednesday, October 15, and concludes Sunday, October 19 in Morgan Hill, California. (Visit for live stream and on-demand details.) Judges John Zhao, Eric Quirouet, Janet Gaunt, Hisato Tanabe, Adrienne Lynch, Tim Laubach, and Dave Hanson will be presiding over the Games. Before the event, we are going to take a little time to get to know each of the judges, so watch for question and answer sessions with them in the coming days. Today, meet Hisato Tanabe!

Name: Hisato Tanabe
City/State: Fukuoka, Japan
Previous Cynosport Judging Experience: Judged in 2005
Dog's Names/Ages/Breeds: Haruka/8 years old/Border Collie; Momo/4 years old/Pit Bull (rescued dog)

Do you have previous Cynosport experience as a competitor? 

Yes. I participated in Cynosport with Win, a Welsh Corgi Pembroke, and got first place in Team Gamblers in 2011.

What have you done, if anything, to prepare yourself to judge at Cynosport?

Basically, I make preparations as usual. In addition, I am trying to develop my physical strength to judge for more days and runs than at usual events.

What kinds of challenges do you expect you might experience while judging at the event?

To design courses that fit each level, to keep the event on schedule, and to judge correctly.

When designing Cynosport courses, what were your biggest concerns? What were your goals?

Courses that require high skills but less frustration and enable dogs to run in full speed are USDAA's good tradition. I think that it should be fundamental philosophy and a very important point for designing agility courses. I try to design courses for Cynosport that follow the tradition.

If you could give Cynosport competitors one piece of advice, what would it be?

Choose handling methods which suit yourself and your dogs and can lead your dogs to your goal happily without being deceived by the latest handling methods. Dogs do not know if they make faults and mistakes on courses or not. Please give a grand applause to your dog that is trying hard at a big event such as Cynosport regardless of results.

Photo courtesy of Hisato Tanabe.


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