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2015 IFCS World Agility Championship Team

Congratulations to the new team members!

Congratulations to the newly-selected members of the USA IFCS World Agility Championships team! 

Most of the members of Team USA!

Team members were selected at the Continental Championship of the Americas based on scores from the event and combined scores from the CCOA and the Cynosport World Games.

Linda Womer and Super Sonic
Janet Dunn and Torment
Monique Plinck and Tiki
Alternate for Super Sonic* - Linda Womer and Frenzi
Alternate for team - Courtney Keys and Francine

Mike Padgett and Elsie
Abigail Beasley and Dreamer 
Tracy Sklenar and Export
Alternate - Keith Highley and Cisco

Dave Grubel and Boca
Stacy Peardot-Goudy and SoBe
Jeannine Doepke and Jill
Alternate - Laurie Zurborg and Gem

Elicia Calhoun and Tobie
Dudley Fontaine and Bird
Jody Lolich and Skillz
Alternate - Jessica Ajoux and Fame (US)

The new members of the team join the existing team members named based on their scores from the 2014 Cynosport World Games:

Andy Mueller and Crackers

Marcy Mantell and Stripe

Greg Fontaine and Spice

Deanna Fairchild and Jude

*IFCS only allows one handler per team. Linda Womer earned the alternate spot with Frenzi, but Frenzi may only replace Super Sonic because Linda can't have more than one dog on the team.


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