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Training Exercises: Snowman Series Part 2

Check out these exercises based on a winter-themed course layout. Courses by Leona Hellesvig.

Previously, we showed you several exercises that could be done on this cute snowman shaped course layout. Here are several more.

The layout:

Gamble practice:

Start at the line closest to the obstacles. Then try the more distant lines.

Threadle practice:

Threadles involve pulling the dog between to obstacles to take the next obstacle from the same side as the last one. The first threadle is from #5-#7 and the second is from #13-#15. If you have never done threadles before, take time to work this section before running the whole course. Learn more about threadles.

Weave practice:

Does your dog easily collect himself to tuck into the weaves? Or do you have to slow him down at first to help him get in correctly and stay in?

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Leona Hellesvig has been engaged in dog sports since toddlerhood.  She is very involved with junior handlers and 4-H in Minnesota.  When not participating in dog activities, Leona is an elementary school music teacher.


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