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Training Exercises: Weave Work

Elizabeth Dott offers some weave proofing exercises to help you whip your weaves into shape!

This week, we play with the other half of our course and do some weave proofing.

Exercise #1


Start out with your dog on your left. After jump #2, you want to use a front cross (turning into your dog) or blind cross (turning away from your dog) to change sides and put your dog on the right. You can try a rear cross (crossing behind your dog) here, but your turn into the weave poles might be a lot wider.


This is the perfect time to work on getting away from your dog in the weave poles. Try using a little lateral motion to move slightly away from the poles. Try it again and this time move even further. You want to drive forward to support the poles while moving more and more to the left at an angle. This is a great way to see if the dog knows that his job is to stay in the weave poles.

When your dog has exited the poles, you can use a blind cross or a front cross to put your dog back on your left for #5.


There are two ways to go from #5 to #8. You can either leave your dog on your left from #5 to #7 and rear cross the tunnel or you can front cross or blind cross between #5 and #6. Try all the options and see what works best for you.

Exercise #2

This time, we are working on the other end of the weave poles. Let's see how well your dog knows an entry on a turn, which is one of the toughest entries to achieve.


Keeping your dog on your left, drive out to the weave poles and show your dog the entry the first time, keeping him on your left side. Work on getting farther away from your dog and see if he can achieve his entry without you needing to be at the entry point.

Once the dog is in the weave poles, see if he can weave out on his own without needing you to go with him to the end. You can back chain this by first going with him and work on getting farther and farther away each time you try it.


Like with the course above, you can do the end of the exercise by keeping your dog on your left and rear crossing the tunnel, or by front or blind crossing between jumps #6 and #7.

Have fun proofing those weave poles and be sure to share with us other fun things you find to do with this course!

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Elizabeth Dott has been competing in agility since 1993. She owns Legendary Agility Training (named after her heart dog, Legend) in Altamonte Springs, Florida. She has competed at the national Level and has put several championships on her dogs over the years. She has also helped many of her students achieve their own championships as well. In addition, Elizabeth runs Legendary Dog Designs and makes custom collars and leashes with agility in mind. She can be reached for questions or classes at


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