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In light of the announcement of the site for the 2004 Cynosport? World Games, much debate has ensued. USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch talks about the process for site selection, as well as the circumstances regarding the 2004 site.

Much debate has ensued since the announcement of the 2004 site selection for the 2004 Cynosport? World Games. Before the topic escalates too much into an unwarranted battle of preferences, I want to offer some background to answer key questions surrounding site selection for the 2004 event and for future events.

The sudden shift in venue for 2004 was not the plan, but a necessity due to changing circumstances. Despite the rainy weather (which is not the norm for November in North Texas), the primary facility in Dallas had become increasingly difficult to work with in the months leading up to the 2003 event. Our backup facility that had already been scouted was lost due to a shift in the horse show calendar that left only undesirable dates for fall 2004. Scoping out alternatives has been a high priority and we were glad to be able to finally secure the facility in Arizona, along with a pledge of group support in the region.

Though not very visible, we are constantly evaluating facilities and regions in which to host the event and the suitability of facilities, lodging in proximity to facilities, accessibility to major airports, weather tendencies and area group support, all of which are major considerations. There certainly is no effort on our part to hide the process or to go it alone. At the same time, it is not practical to communicate all that goes on, and we try to stay focused on the task at hand.

Due to circumstances arising for 2004, we believe that Scottsdale is a proven site (we have had activities there in the past working with the Arabian horse shows) and the club support has been tremendous in actively scouting other resources on short notice. Thank you Karen Gloor, Annie DeChance and others in Phoenix for taking the initiative in pulling it all together. In arriving at this choice, we scouted other venues, but either costs ruled them out, or additional time was needed to assess the resources available in those cities, which would have delayed the site selection another couple of months, and we deemed that undesirable. All in all, Scottsdale is an overwhelmingly excellent choice, given the needs of our event, the support in the region and its overall accessibility.

Any change in plan obviously inconveniences people, including the USDAA office, but it was on this occasion regrettably unavoidable. We hope those inconvenienced will seek a way to be there. Knowing a shift to another geographic location would be difficult for some, it benefits others. We required that the dates be the same in hopes that this would minimize the number of people negatively impacted.

Where the event will be in 2005 has been under review for more than a year now. Clubs in the Pacific Northwest, for example, approached us last year and we have been discussing needs and t


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