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Keith Highley, Team USA Profile

Learn more about this IFCS World Agility Championships Team USA competitor.

Photo courtesy of Contact Point Photography.
A little more than three years ago, Keith Highley sat on the sidelines at agility trials, cheering on his wife, Suzie, while photographing competitors. That changed when Suzie found Keith his own potential agility teammate at the Humane Society of Utah. Cisco, who is believed to be a Australian Cattle Dog/Corgi mix, was previously from California, where he failed to find a home. His second chance served him well, and he settled into Keith and Suzie's Salt Lake City home.

It took Keith and Cisco a little while to come together as a team. Keith credits this to being new to the sport and to Cisco's intensity. Keith says, "Cisco is one of the fastest and most intense dogs I have ever seen!" Cisco simply LOVES agility.

Despite the challenges they faced, in just a short time in the sport, this pair has gone from complete novices to finalists in the United States Dog Agility Association's $10,000 Dog Agility Steeplechase event and winners of the 2014 Grand Prix of Dog Agility.

To top off their successes in 2014, Keith and Cisco won the chance to be alternates for the 16" jump height division at the 2015 IFCS World Agility Championships. The pair will be attending the event in a supporting role and will cheer for everyone on Team USA. They will also do some competing in Europe after the event as well.

Keith doesn't have much time to photograph his wife and other competitors in the ring anymore. He's too busy turning in fabulous runs of his own!


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