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2015 IFCS Championship Opening Day Class Results

Medalists and reports from Wednesday's opening class-the Individual Jumpers class, and the first of four classes in the Individual All-Around competition.

Andy Mueller & Crackers start strong in the opening class of the 2015 IFCS World Agility Championships on Wednesday, while Italy leads the medal count at the end of opening day with 5, followed by Canada with 4, and USA, Russia and UK having one each. Following are the medalist photos from Day 1.

Jumping Individual

Toy Dogs
1. Andy Mueller & Crackers (USA)
2. Cristina Tarizzo & Uva Spina (Italy)
3. Annalisa Meglioli & Lilli (Italy)

Small Dogs
1. Alberto Marmo & Maya (Italy)
2. Kirsten O'Neill & Beckham (Canada)
3. William Picotti & Sofia (Italy)

Medium Dogs
1. Kayl McCann & Grand Slam (Canada)
2. David Codebue & Gape (Italy)
3. Linda Saab & Johnny Cash (Canada)

Large Dogs
1.Svetlana Tumanova & Winner Skip (Russia)
2. Karey Grisdale & Reason (Canada)
3. Jen Lewis & Spud (Great Britain)

Dave Grubel fell just over one second out of the bronze in the Medium Dog division (55cm), finishing seventh, while all five Team USA members in the Large Dog division (65cm) had an impressive showing, with all running clean and being within 1.43 or less of the bronze medalist. Dudley Fontaine finished 5th with just 35/100ths of a second out of the Bronze, in a very hotly contested division.  Following are some photos from Wednesday's activities:


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