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2015 IFCS World Agility Championships Friday Results

Learn who topped the challenging Gamblers Individual and All Around class and Jumping Triathlon class.

Friday's Gamblers class was a challenge! Only a handful of competitors were able to complete the final Gamble. There were many exciting "almosts" and competitors really pushed themselves to be successful.

Toy Dog
1. Evgenia Grishina and Belka (Russia)
2. Christina Sanders and Quasi(modo) (Canada)
3. Lian Knight and Sizzle (Great Britain)

Small Dog
1. Megan Rice and Ado Desmond (Canada)
2. Polina Solovyeva and Adrenalina (Russia)
3. Stephan Henry and Wheeler (Canada)

Medium Dog
1. Henk Timmer and Feng (Netherlands)
2. Irina Rysenkova and Energy (Russia)
3. Elena Krasnopevtseva and Brittny (Russia)

Large Dog
1. Christian Oggioni and DJ (Italy)
2. Svetlana Tumanova and Winner (Russia)
3. Andre Landy and Crash (Canada)

Team USA had quite a few excellent performances in Gamblers, finishing just out of the ribbons several times. 

Andy Mueller and Crackers were the top Team USA finishers in the Toy Dog class, coming in 5th. Linda Womer and Sonic also finished inside the top 10, in 9th.

For the Team USA Small Dogs, Mike Padget and Elsie finished in 5th place, with Giuliana Lund and Zuri in 8th and Tracy Sklenar and Export in 9th.

Two Team USA Medium Dogs cracked the top 10 in this class. Dave Grubel and Boca were 7th and Jeannine Doepke and Jill were 8th. 

Team USA's top finisher in the Large Dog class was Jody Lolich and Skillz coming in at 10th. Deanna Fairchild was close behind at 12th.

Jumping Triathlon is one of three classes that are added together to create team winners in each jump height. Medals are not give out for the separate classes in the Triathlon, however, it's an honor to place. 

Toy Dog
1. Christina Sanders and Quasi(modo) (Canada)
2. Andy Mueller and Crackers (USA)
3. Amin Awad and Race (Australia)

Small Dog
1. Marcy Mantel and Stripe (USA)
2. Polina Solovyeva and Adrenalina (Russia)
3. Anna Ivanova and Ponka (Russa)

Medium Dog
1. Henk Timmer and Feng (Netherlands)
2. Elena Krasnopevtseva and Brittny (Russia)
3. Cynthia Hornor and Spice (USA)

Large Dog
1. Jody Lolich and Skillz (USA)
2. Lubov' Zvorigina and Brilliant (Russia)
3. Lauren Langman and Fiji (England)

Other notable Team USA performances included Abigal Beasley and Dreamer's 7th place in the Jumping Small class, Jeanine Doepke and Jill's 7th place finish in the Jumping Medium class, and, in the Jumping Large class, Elicia Calhoun and Tobie finished 8th and Desiree Snelleman and Pace, 9th.  


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