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Calling all Agility Trainers, Judges and Authors!

We are always getting calls with training questions and need your help to provide quality information.

Providing access to quality training articles is one of the many benefits of being part of USDAA. Sharing some of your favorite exercises for solving common problems is one way of paying it forward. This allows everyone the opportunity to learn new techniques, improve their performance and enhance the communication and connection with their dog.

Perhaps you have never thought of yourself as an author. But if you are a training instructor, or even if you just train regularly, you have the material it takes, and we can help you spruce up your grammar if you like. 

We are seeking articles on training at all levels, from fundamentals to preparing for the world championships, and we would like to hear from you. Articles can include topics such as introducing an obstacle, identifying specific challenges in a course design and how to train for them, or what to focus on in a walk-through. 

More general topics such as the judge's perspective, how dogs learn, step-by-step analysis of training, etc., are desirable too. We are also interested in identifying appealing profiles of competitors, judges, groups and volunteers.  If you know of someone who has some unique qualities that may be of interest to others, we would be interested in working with you to develop a human interest story.  Don't be shy. 

You are welcome to submit a one-time article or a series of articles on a specific topic, or even just call us to discuss your idea.

For every article submitted and accepted, whether published or not, you will be eligible for a quarterly drawing for $100 voucher good towards entry fees at an upcoming USDAA event.

All entrants during the current tournament season will also be entered in a drawing to be held September 15 for a travel voucher up to $500 to attend Cynosport. The travel voucher can be used for air travel or a mileage allowance, if driving. Entry to Cynosport is not required.

Please contact Annie DeChance with questions, to submit an article, or to discuss a topic at or give her a call at extension 108.

If you are already providing articles for us, thank you! We hope you continue to send us great articles and you will also now be eligible for the drawings.

Our goal is to provide quality, meaningful, information to every competitor whether you train with a top handler or alone in your backyard.


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