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Central Regional 2015  Recap

Central Regional Trial Chair Ann Koenig, of Casa De Canines, shares an update on the recent Central Regional Trial.

The winning started before the first dog stepped to the line!

In any event, and especially one this large, the trial secretarys job is especially arduous. In previous years, last minute entries, late entries, incorrect and/or incomplete entries were a major concern. In order to alleviate these issues, we decided to implement two entry related contests in addition to our regular First to Enter Contest.

The Early Entry Contest was a huge success. We received the majority of our entries before the contest deadline of July 22. Everyone who had entered by this date had their name put in a raffle to win a refund of their DAM/PVP entry (or the cash equivalent if they had not entered those classes). Teresa Calvert was this years winner and, since she could not attend, awarded the proceeds to her teammates.

In addition to the Early Entry Contest, we held another raffle to encourage reading confirmations. Within the confirmation were instructions to email the trial chair with the word "Sunflower." Those doing so had their names entered to win a $25 prize, which was drawn during the briefing.

Our more regular First to Enter contest was won by Diana Rupprecht and Ellen Telleen. Both received a refund of their local Grand Prix/PGP entry.

We reward our canine partners for their good behavior, so it only follows that we should reward our entrants for their conscientious behavior.

Another Casa De Canine tradition has been the Mad Miler award. At such a large event, it is fun to acknowledge several folks that traveled great distances to attend. This year we had handlers from Alaska, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada and from all over the country. Scott Milner was the Maddest of the lot and received a KC Royals T-­shirt to sport around his home town in Alaska.

Over the course of the weekend we held five volunteer raffles offering a variety of prizes from bottles of wine, bags of tracheas, Blue Dog calendars, dog related gifts and gift certificates to the various vendors. This is just a small way to show our appreciation for all the help we receive during the event.

Another way we show our appreciation for the participants is creating a special podium area. Since Kansas was the site of this Regional, our theme centered around sunflowers. Our podium was placed centrally so everyone could access it to take photos of themselves and their pups. This year it was made extra special by the attentions of Deborah Salerno, who with the help of Kathy Topham and Gabi Campisi, exceeded expectations.

This was our first trial at the New Century Fieldhouse and their first experience with dog agility. The facility and the grounds are so well suited for this event - lovely turf, expansive crating, comfortable climate, ample parking, an exercise area and a wonderfully attentive staff.

Were there glitches? Yes. Some are avoidable and some not. Your patience and your positivity helped see us through and now motivates us to do better next year.

No re-­cap can be complete without a word of thanks to everyone who participated in the running of the trial. Thank you to our Team Casa folks and to everyone who lent a hand. No effort was too small or unappreciated.

Thank you to our judges, Carol Kramer and Jelinda Pepper. A very special thank you to those judges who stepped in to help when needed.

Thank you also to the Olathe Chamber of Commerce and the folks at Zuke's dog treats for providing some of the goodies in the welcome bags.

Congratulations to all the folks that attained goals this weekend. Qs, byes, placements and all the unsung accomplishments we work for with our beloved dogs.

Thank you again for your support and for supporting your local USDAA clubs.

Photo credits:

  • Welcome Goodies - Ann Koenig
  • Girl Scout Volunteers - Corky Bernie
  • Podium - Deb Salerno


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