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2015 Cynosport® World Games Competitor Information

Here are a few reminders about the Tennessee Miller Coliseum and how the event will work this year.

Helpful Tips

  • The Tennessee Miller Coliseum is a non-smoking facility! This includes all buildings, barns and outdoor areas.

  • Listen for announcements and sign up for Event Emails on the Cynosport website for any changes to the schedule. The walk and run schedules will also be posted ringside and in the crating area. Course maps will be available ringside each morning.

  • Please wear your wristbands! This allows you and your family access to the competition and crating areas which are separated from the general public access.

  • Personal, motorized vehicles are not allowed inside the competition area except for persons with disabilities. You may use these vehicles to go back and forth between your car/RV and kenneling area but they must remain outside of the building.

  • Remember to keep valuables out of plain sight at all times.

  • Please support our vendors! Competitors can only sell or provide services on the show grounds if they are an official vendor of the event.


  • Competitors may unload their gear starting at noon on Tuesday and at 5:30 a.m. the rest of the week. 

  • You may unload your vehicle close to your crating aisle, but must park in designated parking spaces.


  • There is no fee for parking if you use the Competitor Entrance and follow the signs. Parking is on a first-come, first served basis. There may be other events scheduled during our event so please be courteous to others.

  • You may be charged a parking fee if you choose to park in the parking lot for the main entrance of the facility.

  •  Remember to bring your crate dollies to haul your gear to the crating area!


  •  Reserved crating is available at 2 pm on Tuesday, Oct. 20.
     (moved back from the previously published time of noon)

  • Personal shade canopies may not be set up for individual crating.

  • Overnight camping in stalls is not permitted.

  • Please crate only in your designated kennel area for the safety of your dog(s). 
    • If you are running multiple dogs, you may bring a crate to the ring only when your group runs.

  • Electricity is available in some stalls. For safety reasons, electricity is for fans and battery chargers only please. Heaters and small appliances will be removed and donated to a local women's shelter.

  •  Please do not change your crating space without notifying the crating coordinator.  We need this information to find you in case of emergency.

  • Please contact Tracy Hirsch at the event with any questions regarding kenneling assignments.

Exercise Areas

  • Dogs may be exercised in the large pastures behind the kenneling stalls.

  • Remember to pick up after your dog.

  • Please avoid having your dog potty inside any of the buildings or barns. We know accidents can happen, so please clean it up immediately and notify us if you need assistance. 


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