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Pioneer of Dog Agility - Jory Friemann

USDAA is proud to induct Jory Friemann into the USDAA Hall of Fame as a Pioneer of Dog Agility.

In a country far, far away, the founder and director of the Costa Rica Agility Team has worked tirelessly for the past eleven years to keep agility alive and thriving in Costa Rica and Central America.

The Costa Rica Agility Team was the first and only USDAA affiliated group in Costa Rica and Central and South America. They average four tournament events each year which has qualified many competitors to compete at Cynosport over the years.

They host agility seminars with top instructors annually and have also organized three USDAA Judging Clinics. These efforts have not only improved the competitors of Costa Rica; Central America now boasts 10 USDAA approved judges!

Last year, they began to see the fruits of their labor with new competitors and groups forming in Guatemala and El Salvador. The Costa Rica Agility Team members supported these efforts with logistics, organization, scoring, competing and judging.

This is a huge accomplishment from someone who lives in an isolated country with limited financial resources.

USDAA is proud to induct Jory Friemann into the USDAA Hall of Fame as a Pioneer of Dog Agility. His time, dedication and commitment to grow USDAA Agility in Central and South American is unmatched and well deserved! Congratulations Jory!


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