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Meritorious Service Award - Rafael Quinones

We are proud to induct Mr. Rafael Quinones into the Hall of Fame with a Meritorious Service Award.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Rafael Quinones has been involved with USDAA agility for over fifteen years. He is the founder of the Puerto Rico Agility Team or PRAT. PRAT is the only active agility group currently in Puerto Rico.

To give back to the sport, Rafael is also a Masters level judge, a Supervising Judge and a Certified Measuring Judge. He has traveled all over the U.S. as both a competitor and judge. He continues to promote agility specifically to other Spanish speaking countries by giving seminars and judging clinics. He has help those in Spain, Mexico, Chile, the Bahamas, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic, to name just a few.

As a competitor, Rafael has proven he can compete against the best in the world. He is the first and only person from Puerto Rico to advance to the Finals in both the Grand Prix and Steeplechase tournaments with the same dog. He was also the first person in Puerto Rico to achieve USDAA's coveted Agility Dog Champion title. This is a huge accomplishment considering the limited event opportunities on the island.

His favorite quote from Mario Andretti sums up his love of agility and his generosity to promote the sport whenever he can: "If everything seems under control, youre not going fast enough."

For more than fifteen years of dedication in supporting USDAA and promoting the USDAA brand of dog agility to other countries, we are proud to induct Mr. Rafael Quinones into the Hall of Fame with a Meritorious Service Award.


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