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How Many Dogs Advance to the Steeplechase & Speed Jumping Finals?

Each year, the question is raised. Here is how to determine the number of competitors advancing to tonight's Steeplechase & Performance Speed Jumping Finals?
by Kama Reuschenberg

There is a formula for how many dogs will be advanced from the Semi-Finals round to the Finals in both the Dog Agility Steeplechase® and Performance Speed JumpingSM  tournaments. You will find that formula at the end of this post.

For quick reference, here is the number of minimum and maximum handlers admitted into the Finals:

Steeplechase Finals
12" - 6 (min) to 10 (max)
14"- 6 (min) to 8 (max)
16" - 6 (min) to 12 (max)
18" - 6 (min) to 8 (max)
22" - 6 (min) to 20 (max)
26" - 6 (min) to 12 (max)

Performance Speed Jumping Finals
  8" - 6 (min) to 8 (max)
12" - 6 (min) to 10 (max)
16" - 6 (min) to 12 (max)
20" - 6 (min) to 10 (max)

Curious about the Steeplechase and PSJ formula that determines the number of dog/handler teams advancing to Finals? Here it is:

The performance times from the top 3 dogs in each height class are averaged. Fifteen percent is then added to that time. The new time (from the aforementioned formula) is then the bar that determines who advances to the Finals in each tournament, within the parameters of the minimums and maximums listed above.

So, some height classes may have fewer dogs in Finals than their listed maximum allows, and some heights may have more who "qualify under the bar", but who do not advance to the Finals because of the maximum cap listed above.



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