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Haute Dawgs Agility Anniversary Event

Haute Dawgs Agilty celebrates their 25th Anniversary with the USDAA.

Haute Dawgs of northern California celebrated their 25th anniversary in October. Founded in July 1990, Haute Dawgs played a principal role in USDAAs growth throughout the 1990's in Northern California. The club took extra steps to make this two-day event in Dixon, California special.

As part of their celebration, they honored veteran dogs in a parade ceremony, and the club displayed a board mounted engraved plates identifying club members dogs dating back to their beginnings. 

They also brought out two of their original hurdles, being a pair of hand-painted wings showing eight of the original members own dogs, and another being a cat jump. The jumps appeared as good as they were in the early days, but couldnt be used in competition because jump heights in the early days were 12, 18, 24 and 30. The club presented a pair of beautifully decorated cakes for all to enjoy.

USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch presented the club with an etched crystal plaque and highlighted some facts regarding the clubs earliest days, noting their first event was a one-day event with Starters Standard Agility and some games (noting that USDAAs titling program had just begun the previous May and only included Standard Agility).The Haute Dawgs event was the first USDAA titling event in northern California. Also of interest, no Border Collies qualified that day; qualifying and earning the Agility Dog® title were Sandy Rogers with her Border Terrier Rasta, Clydine Crowder and her Cocker Spaniel Amanda, Susan King and her Golden Retriever Duffy, and Kathy Lofthouse and her English Shepherd Rufus. 

This was all before there were games classes and at a time when only one qualification was required to move to the Advanced level. Haute Dawgs went on to hold two events annually, including Grand Prix qualifying events and serving as host for a USDAA sponsored training camp and judging clinics.


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